Love Spasm The Eighth

What makes love strong can also make it painful. A college boy, and she, a college girl – We wandered in the autumn of enjoyment And let our flags of ecstasy unfurl It wasn’t what was physical about us: The question that we answered in our quiz That, although brief, reminded me forever That perfect … Continue reading "Love Spasm The Eighth"

Love Spasm The Sixth

Do not ask me how it happened To this day I’m not quite sure – A girl who I went to church with And a friendship long secure Spoke to her Christmas vacation She was helping church day care; Said, “Why don’t we catch a movie?” She said, “Sure, then. When and where?” So that … Continue reading "Love Spasm The Sixth"

Love Spasm The Fourth

I had a friend who loved a girl But dated her roommate: We were then both in college He lived in another state I travelled up to his school Without notice, on a whim: The Friday that I got there I could not see much of him Because of things he had to do. He … Continue reading "Love Spasm The Fourth"

Love Spasm The Second

She was a social worker Who I met amidst my blight; A willowy obsession I would dream of every night She knew she had attracted me And so she left the case: As I, ravaged with illness Rued her absence In disgrace

Love Spasm the First

What she did was cavilling Herself she had indicted; And though she tiptoed round the truth Somehow I think I liked it She sang her song of innocence As sweetly as the birds; Then picked my pocket clean While I was hanging on her words A carny and a gamin What you saw was what … Continue reading "Love Spasm the First"