This One Idea

Do good things come to those who wait? Or do they waste their days And months and years in wishing For the slightest of displays That what they hope for might come true? It’s hard to make a rule — That one could then encapsulate To teach at home or school. But this — this … Continue reading "This One Idea"


“I’m sorry,” – I heard that, But then the rest was hard to hear – “I should have told you months ago,” – And my mind raced with fear “Bye,” her sad voice said, And then the voicemail ended there To leave me hanging on And questioning exactly where My stepdaughter was now, And what … Continue reading "Wayward"


“No one remembers the former generations, and even those yet to come will not be remembered by those who follow them.” Part 1 Cruel laughter rings Around a five-year-old boy Look at the little baby! He carries a teddy bear! And tears appear in the eyes Of the young, confused boy And the toy bear Part … Continue reading "Generations"

No Talent For Certainty

My blog is named for a movie quote From “Mansfield Park” — It’s not in the book — Some people know what looks best With a certainty But I don’t Some people are sure what they’re doing Is right But I’m not Some people can see the patterns in their past Leading to some greater … Continue reading "No Talent For Certainty"

To Change My Life…?

What seemed right and what felt right Pulled in two quite different ways; I drove into the desert ‘neath The unforgiving rays My heart, it wanted change, to get A new life, a new start; My mind said, “Everything is fine. Don’t listen to your heart.” For life’s responsibilities Had greatly weighed me down; The … Continue reading "To Change My Life…?"

Who’ll Tell?

Who’ll tell the story of my life? Who’ll bring it to some harmony? Weaving the senseless tangled threads Into a pattern all can see? Born in a place invisible Like every boy, some mother’s prince: Sent off the rails by adolescence Hasn’t recovered since Who’ll put in words what I can’t say? Who’ll make it … Continue reading "Who’ll Tell?"

Hello There, Guy

Hello there, guy If you but knew The things life had In store for you The joyful days – Weddings and birth – The grief of lives Returned to earth And while we know These things occur Exactly when We can’t be sure Nor will I tell you Now, my friend; Each moment has A … Continue reading "Hello There, Guy"