Tertullian Would Have Loved It Here:

Just not the famous one.
The one who would have liked it
Would have tastes second to none.

He’d love the river and the mills,
The green and woody rolling hills;
He would like, I guess, the rain
Which is, these days, my morning pain.

And if Tertullian was mayor
I think he’d see, from over there
In Carthage, where he used to fare
That our roads are in disrepair.

Perhaps to fix them he’d would be
Wrapped up in obscure heresy
Of the old Montanist kind
But, oops, I think that I’ve been blind
Cause I forgot
That he was not
That Tertullian at all
Some other one I don’t recall

Since I don’t live in Carthage, I
Will end this post
And say goodbye


Door 13

Door 13

I always thought
If I’d the key
I’d open Door 13

Behind which
Lies the secret
Of the man I might have been

It’s up there
Lying somewhere
In the corner of my mind

The door
To some reality
That I could never find

The thrill of heart
I wanted
Out beyond this dull routine

The golden key
To show me
How to get past
Door 13

(Inspired by this prompt.)

Hello There, Guy

If you but knew.

Hello there, guy
If you but knew
The things life had
In store for you

The joyful days –
Weddings and birth –
The grief of lives
Returned to earth

And while we know
These things occur
Exactly when
We can’t be sure

Nor will I tell you
Now, my friend;
Each moment has
A start and end

Which we must live within
Or miss
The beauty there
In all of this

So give the best
You have to give:
Hello there, guy
It’s time to live

(Prompted by this.)

if i could bring the moments back

if I could bring the moments back,
the pictures frozen there in time,
we would be laughing in the snow
that now falls only in my mind.

for you were lovelier than all
this cold and wintered heart has known;
and i can see, unfaltering,
the love and grace that lately shone

from out of your once smiling face.
enthusiasm pure and clear
in moments that i treasure now
that you have gone
and i’m still here

This is a prompted post.

I Have Seen My Fortune

No matter where I seek to see,
My fortune’s full of fire;
Led on by my concupiscence
And wandering desire

I’ll hurt the ones I love the best
With what might seem like games:
For I have seen my fortune clear
And it is naught
But flames

This is a prompted post.

She Is …

She is the road that turns, unbidden.
She is the sky that portends ill;
She’s on the path that more would seek
If they but had the will —

Moody’s the word that’s often bandied
After she leaves, or to her face:
Yet feelings flow and turn like dreams, when
They’re not locked in place.

Feelings will vary much, and wander:
When they’re not locked in place.

This is a prompted post.