Trust That’s Kept…

Trust that's kept in friendship Can give birth to joy; This we learn from every side As a girl or boy We learn of betrayal's sting -- And attendant ruing -- Whether it is done to us Or we do The doing

A Wind Along the Shore

She lost her friend, her long-best-friend -- She had spent years beside her -- The world seems ever-heavy now, And quieter But look, the sea is listening, And maybe there's yet more: In loving happy memories, And wind along The shore

Near Miss

Years ago I knew this girl With a beautiful face and A beautiful heart And I didn’t fall in love with her Nor did I date her Just in case readers of this blog Might have started to think That never happened to me As a matter of fact, she is now around 50 Like … Continue reading "Near Miss"

Can’t Be Friends

I’ve heard that men and women can’t be friends, Because attraction’s just too strong a feeling — But what we think and do are different things: Not everyone who shops will end up Stealing

in eight plus lines

o let that one day not go past that she should once more sorrowed be; o please, if i could take that weight, provide to her self-clemency — i would. the heart that knows no law believes: it reaches out in pain to touch in healing whom it loves, and tries to soothe in all … Continue reading "in eight plus lines"

regrets, like the ocean

her regrets, like the ocean in their immensity and constant turmoil surrounded both of us – far too real to be ignored because i loved her, i left her ocean undisturbed; because i love her, i offer only my acceptance we who live live with imperfect knowledge; we cannot know outcomes there we sat, surrounded … Continue reading "regrets, like the ocean"

Perfectly Immense

It was a perfect winter day, When you and I went out to play; For you were eight, and I was ten, And everything made sense. But ten years later, there we stood, Upon the edge of something good, A something somewhere out of reach, A past and present tense — It is a perfect … Continue reading "Perfectly Immense"