Near Miss

Years ago I knew this girl With a beautiful face and A beautiful heart And I didn’t fall in love with her Nor did I date her Just in case readers of this blog Might have started to think That never happened to me As a matter of fact, she is now around 50 Like … Continue reading "Near Miss"

Can’t Be Friends

I’ve heard that men and women can’t be friends, Because attraction’s just too strong a feeling — But what we think and do are different things: Not everyone who shops will end up Stealing

in eight plus lines

o let that one day not go past that she should once more sorrowed be; o please, if i could take that weight, provide to her self-clemency — i would. the heart that knows no law believes: it reaches out in pain to touch in healing whom it loves, and tries to soothe in all … Continue reading "in eight plus lines"

regrets, like the ocean

her regrets, like the ocean in their immensity and constant turmoil surrounded both of us – far too real to be ignored because i loved her, i left her ocean undisturbed; because i love her, i offer only my acceptance we who live live with imperfect knowledge; we cannot know outcomes there we sat, surrounded … Continue reading "regrets, like the ocean"

Perfectly Immense

It was a perfect winter day, When you and I went out to play; For you were eight, and I was ten, And everything made sense. But ten years later, there we stood, Upon the edge of something good, A something somewhere out of reach, A past and present tense — It is a perfect … Continue reading "Perfectly Immense"


The emptiness that is my soul, The hopelessness that lies this way, Are each a temporary thing: For moods are minutes in a day, The day that life is in this span, And questions come as answers flee, As dreaming hovers, like the clouds That swirl around us restlessly. These chemicals that we call “us” … Continue reading "Connected"