Filling Station

OnceA woman and her husbandStopped at this place She, eight months with childHe, thinking about walking outAnd the drive had been a tense oneOld wounds reopenedFresh hurts on display And an old couple was thereAt the same timeLaughing while they pumped gasThey asked her when the baby was due She said, “One month.” The old … Continue reading "Filling Station"

{ holding still }

today, this day, we have, but others had them, too — a place midst moving out and holding still —the autumn sings a song of what is here and gone: a chorus we can hear, if we but willi loved you in my time, and you have loved me, too; our limits, each, like blankets … Continue reading "{ holding still }"

If I Like Sky

If I like sky could truer be I’d make for you a canopy Of wonder in the feathered day And stars to shine at night For what is this regard that calls Us over time and out past walls But nature, and its urge to grow And move into the light? If I like sky … Continue reading "If I Like Sky"

when love is light and past the door

when love is light and past the door we live the life that no one sees when breaths are taken in for time and focus aims to slowly please   there is so much reality that’s nowhere on the internet there’s so much more to human life than art has ever shown us yet

… how close the far away

Across the room a wooden table Yellow tea lights flicker The night is gathering her dress To go amid the stars And we in silence find abundance Through the skylight glowing As shadows dance across the bed And every sound is ours For we are physical and mental Full emotions churning And yet are centered … Continue reading "… how close the far away"


She shines like neon, Colorful, Reflected on The city streets She sounds like rhythm, Audible, The feet that move, The heart that beats     She’s still the light that guides me home,     The reason that I love the night;     A better kind of power, that     Makes sun seem … Continue reading "Neon"

What She’s Like

She considers herself an average girl, Who’s led a sort of mundane life: This model-scientist-dancer-preacher Who I happen to call my wife — She was an entrepreneur for years; She’s a volunteer when she sees a need: She’s been a mother, a grandmother now, And there’s not enough hours for her to read All the … Continue reading "What She’s Like"