To Naught

Time spent chasing shadows.

I’ve seen the truth that’s found in love’s intent;
I’ve known how light the load can be to care —
And yet I see the time I have misspent
And squandered chasing shadows that weren’t there.
The love I kept that I was meant to share –
The offers spurned till I was more at ease —
That now have turned to naught but memories

Lights Down

My eyes have failed me long, I know.
And Christmas trees have been a blur
Should I not have my glasses on
And sometimes, when I do —

But still: I turn the lights down, and
I sit in wonder of it all.
The memories of what has gone
Just know to me or you —

So many that pass silently,
So much that goes unsaid:
I look into the lights and know
My eyes are turning red

With what I couldn’t stop
Or save, or fix;
With all I had
My stupid bag
Of tricks


Eyes closed, it’s spring.
They’re laughing, and you and I
Are sharing the wry looks of young
Parents wondering how they’ll manage
All of this chaos

Eyes open, we’re here:
They’ve all grown, and gone, and you and I
Are sharing the spare looks of old
Parents wondering how’ll they’ll manage
All of this silence