dressed up to go…

dressed up to go, she climbed upon the bed 
and modeled her new look for him, and he 
was thinking now that he would rather stay 
at home then face a party and the hours 

but off they went, and he could see the looks 
of men and women watching her walk by 
the smiles exchanged, although some showed the rue 
that they weren't her, or weren't themselves with her -- 

yes, envy is a thing: a shallow thing. 
It focuses upon what isn't there; 
and he observed, and wondered at it all, 
enjoying her, anticipating when 

they'd leave the noise and looks and head back home 
into the privacy of love and bed 

Focused solely

There was a minute in our lives 
That I remember in such days as these. 
And yes, it was awhile ago, and 
Optics change as time weighs down our lives -- 

But in that place, that zone, I knew 
And focused solely, squarely, upon you: 
And love was built from tiny observations, 
Details, reveling in the specific -- 

But now, the details blur. It's hard to see 
Or hear or feel when minds are pulled away 
Into the maelstrom that's become the world, 
And walking by becomes now walking passed -- 

There was a minute in our lives 
That I remember in such days as these: 
For I don't love you less, I love you more, 
So don't mistake distraction for 


when love is due

though it was a while ago, 
she can still remember when 
every sight was hers and clear, 
but she wondered, even then, 
  if the promises were true: 
  and she would find the love 
    that she was due. 

those days were free: but still she strove 
to work in joy and joy in work; 
and love snuck up on her one day 
dressed in a tie, and with a smirk, 
  that covered up a heart of gold. 
  it's really wild: 
  love comes, but never 
  in the clothes 
    we dreamed of as 

    a child