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The Model Life (4)

 I don't deny I love the way you look
 And though it's said to be but shallow praise
 Just one encounter was all that it took.

 The time has passed, now: all the years, the days,
 And still I love to see you being you,
 With all your many attitudes, and ways.

 For what's most beautiful is what is true:
 Not posing, but existing, as you are,
 And how engrossed you are in what you do.

 We have been through a lot, and we've come far:
 You're still my day's bright sun, and night's best star.
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The Model Life (1)

 My wife used to be a model,
 But then she grew to hate
 The profession as demeaning
 What it pretends to celebrate.

 And yet, she'll say in passing
 That it wasn't always bad; 
 That for paychecks and for travel
 She was really very glad --

 I know it's not simple, like
 Brief sunlight in bad weather:
 But many things in life consist
 Of good and bad

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 we tolerate most anyone
 who'll join in and discuss
 whatever might be on their mind --
 if that agrees with us.

 for with our type of "tolerance"
 there's no one quite a hero,
 since now, we rarely use the word
 unless it's led by "zero" --

 but maybe it's still possible
 to brook some disagreement:
 and let those others think their thoughts
 and just not be


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 being thoughtful isn't easy;
 people really can be bears,
 but, we have to keep our heads, and
 not be taken unawares.

 so remember, when it's sticky,
 honey's better than a knife:
 just be thoughtful when you're able,
 and you'll lead a better

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 according to this list
of positive character traits
i have been using,
being "social" is one of them.

i don't know;
i guess i'll take
their word for it.

the word has come to have
odd connotations;
as we are discouraged
from being social in any
of the traditional ways.

the preferred method of
being social today, is
to be what was called
anti-social just last year.

but anyway,
being social is a virtue,
because its on this list
and i couldn't have found the list
if someone hadn't been social enough
to post it.

so there.