harbor time

the settled peace of harbor time,
a walk upon the windy docks,
and hands that intertwined without
a thought of anything —

you tangled were in many dreams,
the settled peace of harbor time;
somewhere, lost in the silence, i
don’t let creep in my life —

the years have come, like hammer blows,
and noise drowns out the memory;
the settled peace of harbor time
that laps at consciousness

for now i’m aging, old and gray,
and safe within a southern clime –
with sound, a wall my thoughts to rein —
from settled peace
and harbor time

The view, the day

The view,
  the scent,
  the gesture meant;
  the wind for an

The day
  of birth;
  the feel of worth;
  the pleasure felt from
  lake and earth

The soul
  at peace,
  the mind at ease;
  the sunset over
  hills and trees

The view,
  the day,
  the tears at bay;
  so long she’s yearned
  to feel this way

Men Have It Easy

Life’s so much easier for men –
We’re merely sex and hunger –
Except for murder, suicide,
And dying so much younger,

I’d say we have it all our way.
We’ve naught to do but thrive —
Although the patriarchy sucks
At keeping us