Look Up

Now, kids look up, and see a world

That we no longer see —

A different kind of view; a close,

But foreign, scenery —


Exotic angles, shoots, and lines:

Perspective running free —

For kids look up, and see a world

That we no longer


© Andriy Bezuglov | Dreamstime.com – Luminous signboards on ceiling

i only once

i only once
beside you once
inside you once
then grieved you once

and in a thrice
the tears of twice,
in days of ice
believed you once

for every once
i should have once
but lost you once
for i'm
a dunce

© Andriy Bezuglov | Dreamstime.com – Girl in red hood

lost him

she lost him, though he never knew
she thought of him at all;
so many dreams of what they’d have
have slipped beyond recall —

she sees him there, with someone else,
and feels a sort of stir,
then wonders what she could have done
to make him long for her

there is a type of tractless grief
that’s not on any grid;
to miss what she has never had,
and things she never did

a fire that burned for seasons:
summer, winter, spring, and fall —
she lost him, though he never knew
that she loved him
at all

© Andriy Bezuglov | Dreamstime.com – In love couple sitting on the floor holding hands


tales unfolding,
learning, growing,
leaving, holding,

talismans of
times and places:
beauty, warding off

love and languor
in the dust;
lovers live as
lovers must

far away, but near
in passion;
out of of scope,
and bounds, and fashion

horses roam
beyond our gaze;
hanging mountains,
windy days

tales of sorrow,
love as though
there’s no tomorrow

of life and fortune:
fluid scenes
for our absorption

© Andriy Bezuglov | Dreamstime.com – Tree with decorations