the staying of dismissal: 
he remains. 
but still she is unsure, 
and thinks that, perhaps, she granted 
clemency where there was no 
sincere remorse (maybe?)  

there is no process 
so impossible to untangle 
as that of 
how it is people we know 
become people 
we never knew. 

= = = 

she stares, now, at 
a piece of paper: 
on it, test results that say 
he won't be here 
much longer. 

and where it the doubt, now?
who is it she
has become a stranger to?

{ the land }

i live in fear, and this
is truthful word:
i have seen things
unspoken of, unheard --
  for will, imposed on will,
  has been revealed;
  the land is bruised,
  its soul reclines, unhealed

i live in doubt, and i
am full of pain:
i have believed
through energy, and drain --
  for hearts, inside of hearts,
  have been a lie;
  the land must sleep, 
  and so, for now,

  do i

Be Free

What was no longer has to be –
Be free, my friend, be free
You are not trapped in history –
Be free my friend be free

The world is wide and full of joy,
For man and woman, girl and boy,
And with the powers you employ
You’ll find your destination —
The magic’s here, it’s not a trick,
For buildings come up brick-by-brick,
And slowest times are over quick,
Within your reclamation —

What might be there for you to see?
Be free, my friend, be free
What can you make of destiny?
Be free my friend be free

For life’s a thing that must be made,
If not champagne, then lemonade,
And what’s not owed need not be paid,
So feel no consternation —
Whatever order’s there, we placed,
It’s new horizons should be faced,
And though the past can’t be erased,
It’s now just information

So run, if you would run or flee —
Be free, my friend, be free
It’s life, it has no guarantee —
Be free, my friend, be free

Don’t set up shop in misery;
Your heart belongs to you – not me –
You can shape your reality:
Be free, my friend,
Be free

The Loss of Simple

We know that life’s not easy —
It really never was —
And everything that happens has
A reason, a because —

But there is wisdom we have lost
Amid the noise and clutter
Of all we build, and then dismantle,
Each destruction, utter —

Which are the simple guiding things
Like decency, and honor:
These things we choke away with weeds 
That just grow ever stronger —

But to be decent, we must give
To others their due portion,
And to have honor, we must face
The world without distortion

But these, I fear, we will not find.
I guess it’s not surprising:
The loss of simple leading to
Our great


Ends and Means

We all live on
The edge of life, the shores
Of what is and all
We are yet to know; this
Is our inheritance, the
Condition of our humanity. So
Limited are we on this
Side, we must allocate such
Means as we can towards the
Islands of our best imagination;
Although there is but one end, one
Destiny, and all of our means 
Eventually go with us there. There
Is, though, a beauty in the
Journey, just as the ocean is no less
Beautiful when we lose track of
Any individual drop