anyone at all.

a little boy in back of class is struggling with each word; his voice is not a strong one, and it’s rarely ever heard no gold stars on his papers, for his efforts seem but small; he isn’t anyone to watch, not anyone at all the day of graduation comes and no one in the … Continue reading "anyone at all."

The Music of Emptiness

We have known the music of emptiness, and truth be told, at times, we have sought it. Times when we seek, not to make sense of it all, but to accept the senselessness and vanity that comprises much of life. This is not sadness, it is a hollowness: this us not despair, it is more … Continue reading "The Music of Emptiness"

the trees shiver

i watched the trees shiver as spirits fled them; and i shivered - and my spirit left, as well

Soft The Rain Falls

Soft the rain falls On a little girl’s dreams As the windows streak with tears For the mother and father she barely had: The ghost of her Mama, the voice of her Dad — Before she came here to be told, “don’t be sad” In this impassive place Still the rain beats On the roof overhead As her mind jumps … Continue reading "Soft The Rain Falls"

Lightning On The Lake

There’s lightning on the lake tonight The world is dark and wet This house is full of memory That I’d as soon forget With loud crashes of violence The sky attacks the earth But can’t drive out the eidolons To which my mind gives birth This house protects me from the storm The wind howls … Continue reading "Lightning On The Lake"