the image, torn away, betrays

the image, torn away, betrays
the emptiness of much we
seek and value;

your heart's weighed down by many things:
but just continue hiding all that,
shall you?

if only perfect bodies we,
or perfect families, jobs, or
maybe smiles

if only we'd go viral, or
be known and loved for stories, or
for styles

the image, torn away, betrays
the isolation of
our heart's recess

where lonely in a silent room
we ponder all it costs to find

Hallways : Gray Egress

Today, the world seems cold and gray.
I hope it doesn’t stay that way –
It chills me to my very bone,
A creature, silent and alone

And colden days come back to me
Gray hours by a churning sea
I’d stare into uncaring waves
And dream of her I longed to see

Another gray time now I view:
An autumn day that we once knew
You told me you must go away
The painful words I knew were true

So here again, amidst the gray
Another cold, indifferent day
I shiver, slightly, deep in thought
And travel towards what destiny
Has wrought

An Echo In The Forest

From across a far ravine.

An echo in the forest
From across a far ravine;
The last words that you said to me
In memory still green

An echo in the forest
That my lonesome ears discern:
The sound of your departing
Knowing you would not return