Lightning On The Lake

There’s lightning on the lake tonight
The world is dark and wet
This house is full of memory
That I’d as soon forget

With loud crashes of violence
The sky attacks the earth
But can’t drive out the eidolons
To which my mind gives birth

This house protects me from the storm
The wind howls fruitlessly
There’s lightning on the lake tonight
And no one here
But me


(“Lightning On The Lake” – 8-17-2014)

11 thoughts on “Lightning On The Lake

  1. I have just seen it – my comment – liked well ok but no one knows how I was hoping to one day find this page – you see I have a WordPress and a Book how to Press a few Words – someone who upped a thumb to me has woken me up – now must try to write again – YAY for you – you dud it

  2. I’ve had advice and think it’s good
    To visit more often if I could
    I love to hear this I shall drop by
    Not too soon but bye and bye
    I often write a bit of Verse
    not good as your’n but something worse
    Nevertheless as this I end
    I think I might, please, be a friend

  3. How swiftly our lakes go from “owls on the wing and soft midnight water” to “lightning on the lake”. Now if we could only find comfort in the protection of the house and the company of the ghosts the lightning might be energizing-?- and we content. Bu,t no, your poem doesn’t leave us there . It lets each reader paint their own picture; scary or secure.. I do love the ambiguity.

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