for her, there were his hands

always moving
making or fixing
caressing or 
filling her with desire

their lives a painting
with his portions
done with those fingers

colors of passion
aggravation and regret
splattering, smearing

he left his life
all over her


he left his life

(“Splattered” – 6-9-2015)

Counseling the Disconsolate

So, I talked to my house last night
‘Bout how all they’ve been feeling;
Since she left home, they’ve been a wreck
The whole place has been reeling

I asked the toaster if it missed
Its morning muffin mess;
I asked the shower if it craved
The soft smell of Caress

The bed sheets said they wished
That she had stayed them warm to keep;
The teapot said it missed the oolong
She’d put into steep

I counseled them each, one by one
Until I reached the last;
Two angels on a music box
I gave her in the past

They asked me why she had to go
“I’m sorry, Oh, I am —
She left because
She married someone
Who’s not worth

A damn.”

(“Counseling the Disconsolate” – 12-4-2014)

Now, When I Remember You

To tell the story of a life
Takes many pages, many words;
To tell the story of a love
Takes every bit as long

The you I saw in summer fields
Beneath an endless weightless sky
The you I felt in tenderness
The softness of your skin, a sigh

For now, when I remember you
There is a novel in my mind;
The beauty of your memory
Is always young, and brave, and kind

There's beauty in the world, I know,
But I thought I had lost it then:
You walked into the room, and I
Became the mindfulest of men

But this - this was not me at all
This was all you, and love; it was
A type of wakeful dreaming where
I did not want to wake, because

Your magic was in everything.
If ever a man loved, I did:
I cherished every moment, and
I lay awake at night and bid

The minutes slow their very march.
To lengthen time, our time, so much
As possible; to see your eyes
To stroke your hair, to softly touch

Your skin beneath your summer dress.
To love you there with all my heart;
Your words of warning in my ears
That love is short and lovers part.

A life, my life, what is it now?
It's just a cold and fading fire
A soon forgotten flickering
Of what was once raging desire

And all for you, my long true love -
Who taught me wonder in the night,
Whose hand I took to cross the bridge
Of leaving off and doing right

The day is closing in, and I
Put down my pen, and rest a while -
For now, when I remember you
I shiver once, and lastly

(“Now, When I Remember You” – 6-25-2015)