On These Docks

She walked out on these docks with him About a life ago In warm and windy memories That only she will know The boy who was her everything Her fading Summer light Until the darkness took him Into everlasting Night

The Memory I Have of You

The memory I have of you Is one that’s ever-dimming now; As other lands and other climes Take over my recall – But still, I see a fading bridge, A perfect sort of summer day, Just past the edge of words and rhymes: I almost See it all

Lost Fields of Yesterday

Time, they say, heals wounds. I haven’t found that to be so — For through lost fields of yesterday My heart will ever go Love, I hear, takes time. Well, time’s the one thing that I lack – Yet to lost fields of yesterday My heart keeps going back I let it all just wander … Continue reading "Lost Fields of Yesterday"

The Pride of Lucy

Lucy sat out in the sun In cold and clear September; She modeled for us her new life, I always will remember The pride she wore upon her face As she soaked in the rays; Not knowing pills and Crystal Head Would soon cut short her days. The pride of Lucy, young and full Of … Continue reading "The Pride of Lucy"

The Dream Lived Here Once

The dream lived here once, So did you; But years rolled on Into the blue Yet still: you haunt these Silent halls – Your presence here, Inside these walls – Our arrows aimed at other hearts: We messed up lines; we left out parts – And all the things that started good? They ended, other … Continue reading "The Dream Lived Here Once"
i wrestled in my bed with sweat and demons as madness tore into my febrile mind the burning from inside that brooks no pretense the loneliness that’s always there to find across a rope-bridge chasm you were staring amid a blaze of red and wild face but no amount of shouting broke the silence and … Continue reading ""