Meretricious Verses (4)

do not believe the lies you’re told that you will never be enough; for although fairness is impaired and finding your way out is rough, you have the answers, and the strength. i don’t know why we heed to lies from people who don’t know our souls, but swarm to stink or garbage just like … Continue reading "Meretricious Verses (4)"

Meretricious Verses (3)

upon the valley sits the snow, within the houses lives the dread of all the magic that resides within the winter of the dead who walk in hallways of our souls believing in the strength of fate: the too much grief that’s too much love, or not enough love, way too late

Meretricious Verses (2)

I wanted to believe you. I thought you walked the walk -- But sometimes, writing is in ink, And other times, in chalk -- And all you were was dust and air, A surface that was merely gloss -- A shore I thought would welcome me But on a bridge, there was no way To … Continue reading "Meretricious Verses (2)"

Meretricious Verses (1)

Come kiss me by the hearth, the fire Burning in the fireplace; Come make a home with me, where we Can rest from all the toil and chase For love can sweep across the land, And you and I be swept away From dingy clouded overcast And towards a newer, brighter day -- Come hold … Continue reading "Meretricious Verses (1)"

Snapshot – Forest Sunset

The sun is setting full behind the treesIts rays like arms that reach up in the skyThen slowly start to fade out by degreesAs crickets sing an evening lullabyWith frogs that you can also hear nearbyAnd wind and cars to finish the refrainSo put down everything that's gone awryLet go of all your sorrows and … Continue reading "Snapshot – Forest Sunset"


the staying of dismissal: he remains. but still she is unsure, and thinks that, perhaps, she granted clemency where there was no sincere remorse (maybe?) there is no process so impossible to untangle as that of strangering: how it is people we know become people we never knew. = = = she stares, now, at … Continue reading "reversal"

{ the land }

i live in fear, and this is truthful word: i have seen things unspoken of, unheard -- for will, imposed on will, has been revealed; the land is bruised, its soul reclines, unhealed i live in doubt, and i am full of pain: i have believed through energy, and drain -- for hearts, inside of … Continue reading "{ the land }"

Be Free

What was no longer has to be –Be free, my friend, be freeYou are not trapped in history –Be free my friend be free The world is wide and full of joy,For man and woman, girl and boy,And with the powers you employYou’ll find your destination —The magic’s here, it’s not a trick,For buildings come … Continue reading "Be Free"

Chasing Stillness

You can’t chase stillness, Or scream for peace, But we’re sure trying, and Unlikely To cease