J. M. C. D.

The autumn sank in wet and heavy days That strung across the woods and into hearts Like ours, as mildew gathered in the ways, And all our arts Could never build anew the broken down Remains of what we had once floated on; The foundering raft, the two who start to drown When all that's … Continue reading "J. M. C. D."

Your Remorse

You were my regard; I was your remorse -- I had been ill-starred; You had steered the course I was lost in thought; You were found in home -- You, in sorrow caught, While I chose To roam

The Ex-Drifter

The days that he was drifting Were bad for him, they said: And yet, he finds within him now That much he loved is dead -- In being more responsible He squashed down many things, And drifting was his way of finding All that freedom Brings

memories of a kiss

in memories of a kiss she wakes uncertain eyes and looks out on a view that seems to dramatize the visions in her heart striations in the skies like bodies side by side whose movements synchronize

Love in Black & White (8)

Eight months ago, they two, unsure Set out visit her O.B., But everything since then has been As wonderful as life can be A whirlwind ride, but full of joy The moment that they met her -- For love's the best thing in the world, And then, it just Gets better

Love in Black & White (3)

The three of them go everywhere, The way they've done for years; Together, they have felt the sun, And faced unnumbered fears There's little that they haven't known, Or seen the far depths of -- A life with just the three of them: Just she and he And love

Love in Black & White (2)

The second that we think we know, Then love reminds us that we don't. But that's okay; the world is large, And love won't be confined, or zoned, Or even yield to definition. This is our condition: The moment that we think we know, We've out past mere Cognition

improbable cotillion

improbable cotillion of hills and painted sky the dances from its long cocoon into a butterfly that moves and spreads in time and space in movements so precise that only those who love has found can take in with their eyes

Escapist Fair

She traveled to escapist fair To ride and see the sights; She kept on just exploring there Through many cozy nights And yet, she was not cosseted, She needed these for being -- These books they call escapist fare, Which can be simply Freeing