girls like

you don’t get to feel you’re ugly.
girls like boys with confidence;
just be hot. you know, successful,
show a little fashion sense.
girls like boys with confidence.

it’s your fault if they don’t like you.
girls like boys who know the deal;
just be cool, you know, and sexy,
tune in to the way they feel.
girls like boys who know the deal.

you don’t get to change the menu:
girls like boys who fit the bill.
just be everything, or nothing,
try? it doesn’t matter, still
girls like boys who fit the bill

The Farther Side of Shore

There comes a day when each must walk away
And strike out for the father side of shore;
No work to do, and just one bill to pay —
When all we carry with us is our core —

The things we’ve really thought and really feel:
The hearts we treasure and the love we’ve known —
To walk away from all we’ve thought as real
Towards the side of shore we walk


The Wind Will Sometimes Whisper

The wind will sometimes whisper, if
She’s still enough to hear it —
Of living on to afterhope,
And if she will come near it

The wind will sometimes whisper; she
Has heard it on the lea —
The mournful breeze that blows right through
The other ghosts

Like me