an uncommon soup

she walks the aisles, looking for labels new, or name: but what might seem uncommon may, tested, taste the same

my job

my job is to plant assumptions so you won't stop to think if everything chemical is good that i've put in your drink -- my job is to huddle masses in cultivated rows, maintaining the life that's all of me consuming all of those

Attaching Meaning

How can we remember A place we've never been? How do we interpret What we can't know was meant? And do we just assume in ways That flatter vanity, Perpetuating ignorance, In sheer Insanity?

lean back pull back

you lean, and pull yourself head down, pull back and soar into the sky, all for that moment soon and good that you let go to fly the voices call, and you must leave; not knowing, one day, it's the last you'll ever pull and lean and soar, or fly that way again -- there's … Continue reading "lean back pull back"

the best and worst

not long after the worst of it we see folks make the best of it; the moral universe, a kite carried upon amnesia -- because, wherever we might walk was a scene of violence at one time (or more than one, more likely, given who we humans are) it's we who choose where we will … Continue reading "the best and worst"


solitude tastes like fruit that isolation makes rotten

The Enthusiast

He jumps into a painting, He leaps into a book, He lets a play reshape his life Without a second look — The world of art transforms him, yet He stays unmoved, unfocused, Since people rarely leave a mark, Or even go Unnoticed


marble in her kitchens marble for her floors quartered within opulence behind oaken doors loveless in relationships safe within her room on her way to where she’ll sleep in a marble tomb


anger feels renewable sadness limitless hope seems like the ocean floor distant fathomless everything that is is wrong only dreams feel right and days are only faced because they lead into the night