One Rise (2)

She always jumped from relationships, Feeling that the better people knew her The less likely they’d love her. Maybe you know that feeling. But eventually, There was no one left to jump to. Walking gingerly through a haunted existence, Smiles flickering at best — Standing outside at sunrise, She holds what warmth she can close … Continue reading "One Rise (2)"

One Rise (1)

Married to the chaos, nights of secrets and regret, dreams of mazes within gardens, noise and clamor ringing, crashing, burning — How do we wake from years of torpor? Where do go to find ourselves? We must bathe in the prism of a new sunrise, remembering our missteps and our sorrows, for these provide the … Continue reading "One Rise (1)"

Glimpses (5)

The storm was beautiful, but she was full of everything but fear; That evening feels like yesterday, Though it was yesteryear — How fresh the snow when we are fresh, how wondrous when we’re wondering — How strange the storm seems now withal the distant thunderingIs she the girl of yesterday? The woman of tomorrow? … Continue reading "Glimpses (5)"

Glimpses (4)

His mother was an absentee, His father, an explorer — He grew beneath a dying tree, Both up, and poorer — Now autumn sings out in the woods, As winter comes a-calling; He’s got the cans, but not the goods, And more than leaves are falling — We live, because we’re born to live, But … Continue reading "Glimpses (4)"

Glimpses (3)

If you didn’t know him,How could you really know me?Because he still moves you now,Like wind through a tree

Glimpses (2)

She was authentic, always,In her fervor and her clumsiness;Broken down and cold in hope,A warm lead and a red-hot messA neverland of wondering,A bucketful of joy:Another day’s determination No one canDestroy

Glimpses (1)

A hidden pond, a fallen tree, A scent, a time, a memory — An ending, where it all began — A hidden life, a fallen Man

a season of mercy

you must leave yourself in a season of mercy you must not give in to the press and wave of the current wind and the controversy with a right to know and a wrong to save we must leave ourselves for the mercy season we must stretch it long into some new light where the … Continue reading "a season of mercy"


The magic that was yesterday In eyes no longer glowing, The selling joy, the buying thrill,The few left there for knowingThe entropy that we call life, The past that’s always slippingAway from our recall, despiteOur grasping andOur gripping