Wednesday Leftovers (1)

Many people carry around two certainties: that you cannot know what it is like to be them, but that they know what it is like to be you. The fact that there are rather obvious logical difficulties with this position in no way dissuades people from holding it. The intensity of our reactions to things … Continue reading "Wednesday Leftovers (1)"

one more one more

one more one more bathing beauty one less blasted call to duty one time two times meretricious salted caramel delicious one way street no room for turning hit the beach they're soon adjourning once we were to truth attending one more one more day pretending

{ addled }

Believe me when I say the wind Has blown away this warm regard For all that atrophies but lives Among the early daffodils That wreathe the path of discontent We walk upon until such time As welcomes every sort of thread In one large fabric warp and woof And there it is. Amalgamated perfidy That's … Continue reading "{ addled }"

danger isn’t always

danger isn't always ever isn't really you were his obsession you'd have known ideally chasms are a problem distance, just one answer he kept track for laying like a gandy dancer comfort isn't lasting nor are circumstances signs are for ignoring gotta take your chances

it was…

romantic retinopathy the shallowest of ills; it preys upon lonely and the feeblest of wills it was right there for him to take, a tantalizing prize; but it was just a fantasy, light spilled across the eyes

The Written World

She dreams within a written world Of all she could take in and be; A vision calm, cerulean Along a shore in Tuscany The written world, in which she finds Adventure, romance, and an end To all of her anxieties And scars that never really seem To mend

An Infinite Treasure Hunt

Life Is about exploring: To stop looking Is to stop living. Answers are like An infinite treasure hunt, And we are meant To keep finding

a hundred-weight of dreams

a hundred-weight of dreams inside a thousand-weight of fears; some scattered days of hope within and dozen months of tears — a dread that’s born of emptiness, a questioning of worth: a plague of such anxiety as rends the very earth. the colors of accomplishment, ineptitude, or both; the tearing sound that signifies both injury … Continue reading "a hundred-weight of dreams"