Every Age

My fantasies are still fifteen, My sense of humor, eight; My back feels like it's ninety-nine Which isn't all that great. I'm fifty-nine last time I checked, But still feel like a dunce, Bewildered as I am by being Every age At once

our lavish lawn

we dined out on our lavish lawn with lyrical intent, we drank eternal oolong tea our heavy faces bent the moments fell like unfair rain, the wind was warlike, zealous -- we dined on handsome, able fare; now aren't you nice and jealous?

dreaming perilous

dreaming perilous, sleeping on, roaming endlessly, searching -- walking everywhere, wondering, gliding, sauntering, lurching -- quiet finitude in the air, cold and shivering sorrow -- dreaming perilous, sleeping on knowing there's no tomorrow

… a Task to Do

The water dances here below the old abandoned mill; I know I've got a task to do, but I don't think I will. It isn't that I do not care, or that I'm big on shirking: It's just that that there's a presence here that rejects overworking

and that, at least

we stood there by the little brook both frozen in our sudden tracks; we held trite truth within our hands with late wind there upon our backs we felt hurt winter calling home the hard relief we longed to feel; we stood beside the silent ice and that, at least, was real

A Town from Nothing

We built a town from nothing, And there we lived our breaths; We raised our children on these lanes, And saw our parent's deaths -- We built our meanings here in blood, Then came to find, somehow, That all the meant the world to us Is full forgotten Now

Ice And Gold

In early voices, and in songs, I heard the stories told Of romance and of mystery In days of ice and gold And far my mind and heart would roam Past mountain and past sea, To find in one small, confined room A world, a galaxy -- We give our toil, yes, our blood, We … Continue reading "Ice And Gold"

A Lover’s Journey

The ride to see him Was the most exciting day In her still young life As the states rolled by like years Soon to be covered in grass