within and without (1)

arms held out, he balances upon the wood that's left of what was there, the shallows, always breathing, never leaving, at nine years old, and wondering why these so-large friends speak languages unknown yet understood

spare thoughts (v)

i travel so my heart can breathe i drive because i have to look there's something in a different place that i can't get from screen or book perspective narrows within walls and so i voyage as i do to try to widen out again to see what's good and real and true

just out there…

just out there flowing past, timeless old waters once where chieftains ruled both the same change, and vanity

spare thoughts (iv)

the winds and rain erode, and fire takes away; whatever we may build will crumble down, one day. but things aren't therefore meaningless. there's beauty in invention: just know, that all we do must needs have time as a dimension

spare thoughts (iii)

behind the gate lies {genus} that's all that's resident -- don't bother with the {species} for that's irrelevant for we have words, that's all we need to understand the fates -- and humans are reducible to general traits

spare thoughts (ii)

when all the color drains away and outline only stays there's just the content of our minds and habits of our days that tells us what to value and leads us to confirm just what we see as human and what we see as worm

spare thoughts (i)

the waves caress the boat, the boat explores the shore, i look on silently and wonder more at love, and how it manifests -- at hope, and how it shows -- and how, though time seems merciless, a good thing grows

Secret Symbols

And now, the secret symbols of our destiniesLay written in a long-forgotten woodWhere few will ever go, as unexpressed uneaseHangs o’er us, everywhere, misunderstoodLike history, not told to us complete or real,Like all around, when none around can see,The mulch that soon will cover all our modernness,The path of overgrowth that’s destiny.


colors of pulling thoughts and shoulders into waves of permanent skies laden with what is still felt by restless dreamers at war