He never took to village life: The small-town quiet drove him sane, Like nails across a chalkboard scraped, The pastoral his very bane, His nemesis, his enemy -- This maladapted city boy Who found himself among the peace That robs him of the chaos: All his joy

The Taco Club

Come join us at the Taco Club Where it is Tuesday every day And we have specials you can't get At places like Big Band Cafe The way is plain, the choice is clear, So make it now, and make it well -- The Taco Club should be preferred For all the shock you could … Continue reading "The Taco Club"

behind the wonder

behind the wonder that we felt a chalkboard full of reticence gave secrets but spasmodically to ears beclothed in innocence at least about where wisdom lies the learning we don't learn about until behind the wonder we give back the trust and keep the doubt

{ a public addendum }

the statement made the issue found the backlash felt the slipping ground the choice the phrase that then conveyed the trade of trust we call betrayed

native secret

find us in the circling water, hear us by the flowing stream, feel the falling phantoms falter, families and dancing dreams where the yelling stops to whisper, by the native secret kept, find us near the tangled branches, sorrow spun, and lately, slept

New Heights

Where we had never ventured We had room, at least, to dream — Responsibilty spread In whispers to the new heights

In a search

In a search for your regard, I lost my identity: A cost that I paid to get Your free indifference

Among Kisses

Among kisses of color We breathed in the first moments, A thirst from deep within us Seeking out deeper waters