9 Years After

She feels him still within this room, 
So close, she turns to try to see 
Him smiling there; instead she finds 
The shadow of a memory 

That blows in soft, like autumn wind 
Upon the thoughts that wet her eyes: 
She feels him, still, within this room, 
Her face relieved at dropping 

Its disguise

his reason for moving

 abandoning what he held dear 
(because it would not hold him back) 
 he gave it up and moved out here 
 to occupy a different shack 

 than that he'd lived in all these years 
 of yearning for somebody who 
 loved him, if not quite like the sun, 
 a bit more like the rainclouds do

A Lamentable Desire

Action, taken at a distance 
Back when such things were in play; 
Candy, flowers, evanescence -- 
Dalliance along the way -- 

Every day and night grew closer, 
Finally, the engine starts; 
Grand design and exploration, 
Hands and torsos without hearts 

Immature, but fully growing, 
Jokes and riddles, rhymes and puns, 
Kisses by the gates of heaven 
Lasting more than anyone's -- 

More and longer, yes and better: 
Navigation by the stars 
Over seas and undercurrents 
Past the blurring lights and bars 

Quick, across the city landscape. 
Running down the alleyways 
Sheltering in rain embraces 
Tension, then release with praise -- 

Ultimately, finding empty -- 
Varicose though they might be -- 
Wandering, and lost in sorrow, 
Xenia-fed ecstasy --  

Youth and pleasure, melting, falling; 
Zest and foolishness, their calling.

(More from the crew found here.)

shadows and kaleidoscopes

they learned to skate on words, and how 
to fold the silence into shapes 
and shadows and kaleidoscopes  
that took them out of that sad place 

that others thought of as their home. 
a life of screams and overdrafts 
escaped by pen and glitter glue: 
survival's often done 

with crafts