The Images

THE IMAGES on which he chose to dwell Were such as anyone could figure out The fantasies of lonely desperate men Who self-awareness lack and seldom doubt Although no women knock upon their doors Another random click like casting lots The women beautiful but far away From grisly men made out of ugly thoughts

dressed up to go…

dressed up to go, she climbed upon the bed and modeled her new look for him, and he was thinking now that he would rather stay at home then face a party and the hours but off they went, and he could see the looks of men and women watching her walk by the smiles … Continue reading "dressed up to go…"

between the mortar and the bricks

between the mortar and the bricks are universes made of space like all the distance between thoughts of those who'd touch, if such was possible but all the apparent cohesion cannot make the proximate intimate

Focused solely

There was a minute in our lives That I remember in such days as these. And yes, it was awhile ago, and Optics change as time weighs down our lives -- But in that place, that zone, I knew And focused solely, squarely, upon you: And love was built from tiny observations, Details, reveling in … Continue reading "Focused solely"

a situation

she knew what she wanted, and so, she went and got it. he was fine with where he was; he hadn't really sought it but there they were, and there she was, those two young hearts were beating -- and some would call it beautiful, while others call it cheating

Character Sketch

Music's both her passion, And a way to channel passion; A way to make a living, And a further way to fashion The life she's built from off the ground. A world of sky and water: The idol of the stage, who's still At heart, the foreman's daughter.

when love is due

though it was a while ago, she can still remember when every sight was hers and clear, but she wondered, even then, if the promises were true: and she would find the love that she was due. those days were free: but still she strove to work in joy and joy in work; and love … Continue reading "when love is due"

the somehow want

always in the somehow want eyes that move and bodies close ever in the nowhere zone need a shot an extra dose she knows how to tell him where moments start to glisten everything they feel when both know how to act and listen

On Again, Off Again

They never should have been, But somehow always were; Together or apart, That thing with him and her Was always in the back of mind, Til it moved to the front: Those times when they would want to eat Without wanting To hunt