an uncommon soup

she walks the aisles, looking for labels new, or name: but what might seem uncommon may, tested, taste the same


They shared some barbecue and drinks Each other to entice; He came there with the fire, But she came with the ice The whole thing went as evenings will, The stars fell on their tongues, And all that they had lit aflame Filled up their eyes and lungs — But after all the smoke had … Continue reading "Switchdate"


I drove by this restaurant back in 2014 and wrote the poem then.

When You Get Your Chance…

When you get your chance, You fall where the pull takes you; For love is less a walk Than a waterslide When your turn comes, You give up your old rules, Because you realize you have never Really played this game before Ask your questions, But make no assumptions; Dance whenever there's music, And make … Continue reading "When You Get Your Chance…"

5 Times 4

It ended; she’d met someone else, And I was not that broken up. It turns out he was there, out at Her parents’. A neighbor, in her old hometown, Marine now, tall and rangy guy — And we were friends again, The way that goes. I’d see her: music theory class, Her headphones on, as … Continue reading "5 Times 4"

5 Times 3

I walked into her parents’ house just Two days after Christmas; I’d made the strange four hour drive To see her in that place — Her parents were the sweetest, nicest people. I was her “new boyfriend” And I met fifty relatives, it felt like; All these names and faces, it was quite bewildering. And … Continue reading "5 Times 3"

5 Times 2

Walking by the river, down from campus, near The aging fishing bridge, we stopped: We hadn’t really talked yet much, and I Was asking what her dreams were, and her plans — She worked in radio, but not yet How and where she planned on doing; She was a writer, a speaker, a thinker, Who … Continue reading "5 Times 2"

5 Times 1

You tell me. I was nineteen, And she was more than life itself: I would have cut my arm off, given All my limbs to science, just To be beside her, everyday. But this was not a forlorn hope: It was fulfilled, and day on day It just got better, better, like A string of … Continue reading "5 Times 1"