True Story

I once loved a woman much smarter than me,
And also a better musician;
She had a quick wit, and a good turn of phrase,
Plus one healthy share of ambition.

I know while she’s richer than Midas these days,
Her talents remain, unabated:
Yet she has a spot in her heart still for me,
That idiot that

She once dated

The Dating Blogger (A Cautionary Tale)

She wrote often on intimate subjects;
He obsessed often about them.
So, to his mind,
They were perfect for each other.

And she lived in the very same city!
So, he contrived to meet her;
Fascinated with this beautiful woman
Who wrote so passionately about
Enjoying physical relations with men —
Sex without relationships.

So, he did meet her.
She was polite, but, most definitely,
Not interested.
He was confused and angry.
How could this be?

Oh, my poor unfortunate friend:
Just because she enjoys dating men,
Doesn’t mean she wants to be with you;
And “Sex without relationships”
Doesn’t mean “Sex with people
You aren’t attracted to.”

The moral of the story
For heterosexual guys looking for
Sex without relationships
Is as follows.

Attractive jerks:
Welcome to the 21st century!
It is all yours.
But then,
It probably was ever thus.

Unattractive jerks:
Sorry dudes.
Life can really suck.

Of course, you COULD
Look for an actual relationship
With a woman
Not based solely on sex.

There is even a rumor out there
The sex in an actual relationship
Is considerably more satisfying.

A Dating Memory

I wanted to seduce her with my wit;
She started laughing at my clumsiness.
I thought, “I’ll let my style do the bit” –
Then knocked over the wine, and made a mess

She came towards me with a yellow towel,
And I no more my laughter could abate:
Then her eyes shone when I laughed at myself
And I had done enough
For a first


(“A Dating Memory” – 7-5-2015)

Remembering My First Real… Breakup

The last kiss that we had was by my car,
Two nights after our most romantic night.
My first true love became my first big scar;
We broke up without so much as a fight.

She was away at school where she then met
A guy; and love had forced her to admit
That his was love like none she’d known as yet.
So she hung up the phone. And that was it.

I sat there brooding, my father inquired;
I told him why I looked so out of whack.
He said, “At least she was honest with you.
And not cheating on you behind your back.”

I sat there shameful, for I didn’t know
He known of my dalliance all this while:
I felt my foolish anger start to go,
My frown of rage became a sheepish smile.

He said, “My son, now that’s an honest girl.
She treated you with honor, not with stings;
I hope one day, as you go through this world
You will prove yourself worthy of such things.”

Oh worthy I was not – not at that age.
For I was fickle, false and just a mess.
My first real breakup hurt only my pride
The love had died by my own selfishness

A Précis on Single – Married Discussions

Regardless of status.

Singles get unsought advice
Offered to them, gratis —
Yet at last, we are the same
Regardless of status

Patronizing says you think
What you know is greater:
Still, we’ve each but our own lives
And so, don’t be

A hater

that day, perfect

that day, perfect,
scent of roses,
autumn gentle,
leaves a carpet,
she in pink, and i
in the park,
a light breeze blowing,
words all heard, and
newness piercing,
bits of smile,
growing laughter,
hands first touching,
soft and glowing,
dogs out watching,
trees all knowing
what’s to come and
what’s to be,
moments felt

that day, stillness,
walking, aimless,
universe on us
seemed focused,
distant voices
all seemed joyful,
studying the leaves
our hobby,
in the park expanse
dancing manners,
first respect and
halting planners,
every detail
still i see —
times you feel


not you, too

i wish you loved me

not you, too

what is so bad with saying “love”?

it isn’t what you say, it’s how
you say it. love’s not ownership.
it is a song, a thunderstorm,
a breeze. it’s not a thing at all.

but still i wish you loved me

yes, you do