for she too

she hears all the lost sounds of joy and sorrow for she too is lost giving her absolute access

Now, When I Remember You

To tell the story of a life Takes many pages, many words; To tell the story of a love Takes every bit as long The you I saw in summer fields Beneath an endless weightless sky The you I felt in tenderness The softness of your skin, a sigh For now, when I remember you … Continue reading "Now, When I Remember You"

a kind of imbalance

when it came to her, many options were open to me: none of which involved not caring on my part

past the gate

past the gate we walked in loving poverty riches of the heart stay longer and taste much sweeter

A House of Memories

The mind's a house of memories That's shaped before we know The subtle warping influence That circumstance bestows And that we think of now, as truth. But this is our great weakness: That our partial perspective comes To seem, to us, Completeness

the crying sun

the crying sun attacked our skin from morning through the afternoon; we walked around the open town -- the year, and us, were both at June -- and heat was more inside than out. we laughed, we loved, and then we burned from both exposure to the sun and love we took in, unconcerned, as … Continue reading "the crying sun"

walking the edge

the day came i no longer walked upon the rocks or near the edge for fear of what might happen i now warn the younger ones instead the young ones look to us to calm the fears they have, but often we bring new ones to them they don't want but which we offer bountifully