in a winter market (3)

As the night wound down, I realized, that she Was enjoying the safeness, But I, I felt my resolve slipping, So it seemed best to say Good night. I know things could have Gone another way; I know, because She told me later. But it seemed right To let go. I've been told what it … Continue reading "in a winter market (3)"

in a winter market (2)

The conversation turned to Each, our latest breakup; The guy she thought she loved, And then, the gal I thought loved me -- And how she wanted, now, no more Than good coffee and freedom, While I was seeking inspiration, Music, and some peace. It was important right just then To be the unexpected, For … Continue reading "in a winter market (2)"

in a winter market (1)

I wasn't supposed to be there; But then, I never am. We walked along within the lights, The pageantry, the crowd -- And she was warm and beautiful. I didn't understand: But I was just pretending then, Holding my breath -- We talked awhile of music, The instruments we played; She said she had three … Continue reading "in a winter market (1)"

While rummaging…

While rummaging, he found a favorite picture from the days that love was new in purpose and in countless other ways; He thought, then, with a smile of how they used burn and smolder, before he put that life away in this manila folder

When Seasons Changed

When seasons changed, and I knew what it meant, The world and I were one in our intent. The clouds made sense -- their movement, and their grace -- And why a dog finds butterflies to chase Across a meadow seemed to me just right. An empty exercise more than a fight: The things we … Continue reading "When Seasons Changed"

a secret paradise

within a secret paradise we gave our time and hearts to further our entanglement in duties, fits, and starts -- we touched the ceiling of the sky, that pure-blue canopy -- so young, and so unwise, in secret paradise. the shadows, once an aqua-green, gave way to dark and gray: we thought we'd never end, … Continue reading "a secret paradise"

A Different Time

IT WAS, I know, a different time; more in my awareness than in any particular external essence. Then, as now, though cameras captured but part of the sights, and recorders only some of the sound. Memory, for one my age, isn't so much about bringing that old world back as it is bringing it back … Continue reading "A Different Time"

for she too

she hears all the lost sounds of joy and sorrow for she too is lost giving her absolute access