the illusion

how could he know — that storm front of love in her was always in her and really independent of him? cynics say, “love is the illusion of togetherness”, but that’s not true. it’s the illusion of individuality but autumn is real, and feelings are real — while memories are really deceiving

Three Hours – 7 PM

YOU were the ground: so happy, shoveling the sand; so joyful, rolling in the grass -- soft and squishy, bare feet running, the smell of flowers filling your nose, and the earth itself filling your heart -- you were that ground.YOU were the water: lying on your back, arms spread wide, held by the liquid … Continue reading "Three Hours – 7 PM"


Is it 1983? ’Cause it is to me. At least — it is right now. I’m twenty one years old And although it’s cold in December, I’m burning like a midday sun, The course only halfway run On the last lap of the way to the finish line Called “college”. All that knowledge I Took … Continue reading "1983"

That Haunted Look

She turned to me with haunted look Atop the spires of her pain, I took her to my house and bed And made it snow, and sleet, and rain Her brown hair tumbled everywhere, As she arched back in focus pure; I thought I’d known that haunted look, But never could Be sure

college girls

he watched things break on the edge of soft sweaters and hair that became flowers that became rain falling on the rooftops of distant houses where princes dreamed of being commoners, and commoners dreamed of killing princes a face that made him want to go to war in the vain hope she would wait for … Continue reading "college girls"

The New Girl

I’d see them chatting after lunch; They’d pass each other in the hall - He was a handsome sort of guy, And she was very shy - Sometimes I’d catch her watching as He and some other guys played ball; He was a local sort of star That she watched from afar. One summer day, … Continue reading "The New Girl"

Now, When I Remember You

To tell the story of a life Takes many pages, many words; To tell the story of a love Takes every bit as long The you I saw in summer fields Beneath an endless weightless sky The you I felt in tenderness The softness of your skin, a sigh For now, when I remember you … Continue reading "Now, When I Remember You"