The Magic Window

= = = = = | = = = = = The light is gone, and nothing’s right, Another wastrel of a day — Come join me, and we’ll get away, And take the magic window into night For dreams of childhood remain; Of distant lands and shining seas — We’ll go and do whate’er … Continue reading "The Magic Window"

Fountain Grass

Down here, amid the fountain grass I know the fire risk is great; But find a thing to celebrate In knowing: fire, too, shall pass The conflagration of our ties, Ablaze in desperation’s haze; Till promise comes with rainy days To cool us off and make us wise

The Constant Battle

Her back hurts, so she cannot rest, And work is suffering these days; She’s daily there, within a haze Travailing, tired and depressed But when she can, she breaks away; She sits alone somewhere offsite, And for one moment, doesn’t fight The constant battle that’s today


Along the shore the cat-tails wait With eagerness the winds to touch Near sands not thinking overmuch And waves with cause to celebrate I hear them calling you and me In whispers softer than the dawn For love and time may soon be gone And we were made for wind and sea


The taste of wine...

4 insignificant Stanzas

Stark and bland and beige and bare: The rule applies, without, within — That you can let the light flood in, And still nobody quite be there The nights are hard, then comes the day, For truth is found where it’s not sought: That love’s a thing that can’t be bought, Or had much any … Continue reading "4 insignificant Stanzas"

It’s Everything

The sea, a glowing mystic ball Incredible the sound the sight — It’s everything; but to my right The most amazing view of all

from the threshing floor – 3

the things that we believe remain: the dust of stars, the ‘print of years — a smattering of hope, and tears, and roots our branches to sustain