The Magic Window

Magic Window

= = = = = | = = = = =

The light is gone, and nothing’s right,
Another wastrel of a day —
Come join me, and we’ll get away,
And take the magic window into night

For dreams of childhood remain;
Of distant lands and shining seas —
We’ll go and do whate’er we please,
Away from all these cold eyes’ sharp disdain

The world of faith and not of sight
Is beckoning for us to join;
So come, let us some joy purloin,
And take the magic window
Into night

= = = = = | = = = = =

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4 insignificant Stanzas

Stark and bland and beige and bare:
The rule applies, without, within —
That you can let the light flood in,
And still nobody quite be there

The nights are hard, then comes the day,
For truth is found where it’s not sought:
That love’s a thing that can’t be bought,
Or had much any other way

The same old windows, same old door,
But it is an ironic scene —
That one could be, in quarantine,
No lonelier than before

Online, I sold my emptiness,
But in return, I nothing got:
The right price for a worth of naught
Delivered to the wrong address