And so, I’m here to testify
That hope can sprout when all seems lost
Regardless how are stars get crossed
Or how shallow our love supply

For everything gone out the door
Is set for its uncertain fate;
But past when we might think it late
We can find all we want – and more –

the sky was luminous and deep

the sky was luminous and deep,
the ground was soft and endless low,
and i’d a little ways to go
to get back to my home and keep

i still it recall it very well
and when i do, i start to strain
to listen, with my might and main
to what the sky was trying to tell


And so he traveled through the land…

He wanted to find out the truth,
Some part that he could understand,
And so he traveled through the land
A roving, wisdom-seeking sleuth

But found most ‘truth’ mere children’s toys,
These games designed for our delight;
He struggled through the day and night
To hear the music ‘neath the noise

For clamor then was everywhere:
The crowds in lengthening array
Were lost in popular display,
While truth, a dying tree, grew bare

He still seeks after Lord-knows-what,
While traveling from sea to sea,
In search of some integrity,
And why he’s such an idiot

remember water, and the day

those nights that you might lose your way
and sell your soul at bargain price
for some intoxicating spice
remember water, and the day

for water just goes where it should,
whether it flows over overflows;
and cloudy day or bright still shows
that things in their due time are good