That Was Yesterday

Love grows high and wide, Time grows long and gray, You gave me your best That was yesterday Beautiful the world Sad the moments clear That was yesterday Back when you Were here
once you walked this lane and nothing was lacking, but turns out, fathers matter to one who last knew long ago what it felt to be safe

Bed Space

So many more will sleep upon this bed, And most will live to see a better day; But this – this was your final place to rest Before the sleep of death took you away   You’d reconciled yourself in recent times, Though Lord knows how, you found peace with the past — This little … Continue reading "Bed Space"

one too many

there is a walk we all must take although the time be yet unknown, besides the luminescent sea; a place we all must walk alone as chilly turns the living soul into the place the story ends — the family we leave behind, the tales, the struggles, and the friends who look for us, but … Continue reading "one too many"

Soft The Rain Falls

Soft the rain falls On a little girl’s dreams As the windows streak with tears For the mother and father she barely had: The ghost of her Mama, the voice of her Dad — Before she came here to be told, “don’t be sad” In this impassive place Still the rain beats On the roof overhead As her mind jumps … Continue reading "Soft The Rain Falls"

The Show Goes On

The show goes on; the dead have played their part. But still we wait for one more cue, or line: Those ne’er said words that we have known by heart, And memorized, as though a valentine That we will never feel in hand, or see. The looked for, listened for, and waited on That will … Continue reading "The Show Goes On"

Once, There Was A Girl

Once, there was a girl, Who was a person, not a picture — And anywhere she ventured to, My heart would also go — But time brought days, and days revealed The cracks in our foundation: For whether you “find out” or not, Eventually, you know — Like rain upon a lake, Our passive, commonplace, … Continue reading "Once, There Was A Girl"

“… just a season.”

“Death is just a season:   spring turns to summer,   summer to fall,   and fall to winter. They may seem slow to come,   or late,   but they show up,   and they always will. Like changing colors on   the walls of a classroom;   the seasons change, the colors change, … Continue reading "“… just a season.”"