If She Could…

If she could flee the way she feels
She would. But that is not a choice:
She sleeps but fitful, misses meals,
And can find neither mind nor voice

To outline all the emptiness
She’s known since he’s been gone:
And all that she has left to keep
Is just keep


A Far And Favored World

Come to a far and favored world,
Where guide-less friends can meet
To walk among the singing stars
And smell the apples sweet

That hang from rich and luscious boughs
Along both hill and fen —
Yes, come to a far and favored world,
Where we can start again.

Come to a red and dusky place
Within the inner rim,
Where music’s sung by everything,
A universal hymn —

Come to river, come with me,
The sunrise never ends,
Come to a red and dusky place
Where we can still be friends.

Once, we sang for our supper when
These worlds were unexplored —
Once, you could trust the things I said,
And you could rest assured

That I would be where I said I was.
Yes everything was fine:
But that was before the great divide.
The fault – all of it’s mine.

Here on a far and favored world
It is my fate to stay
In all of it I wish that you could see,
But you won’t come today,

For everything broken, all that’s lost
Wherever all you are —
For here on a far and favored world
Your favor will

Stay far

daylight tulips

She felt joy
In daylight tulips
Beyond reach

Seen through a window
From a bed
She would never leave

Known to few
As years receded
Fading fire

Flowers that shone, like
Other days
And graceful moments

So sang the meadow

A mom in shadow

Run The Dunes

The days that we would run the dunes
Until the sun sank low;
Those timeless, breathless afternoons
So free of care and woe

The nights beside the ocean as
The stars came out to shine;
No other spot in mem’ry has
A feel so anodyne

As just to know, now that your gone,
That we were e’er so blessed:
And that, we’ll run again, someday,
Sweet dunes
Where we’ll find

Why Do You Mourn?

Why do you mourn, my rueful friend,
And sit there, bleary-eyed?
We’re all alive and moving here —
It’s only hope that died —

Why do you boil with your tears
That fall so straight and true?
And why do you long for one who doesn’t
Long at all for you?

For Only One

She asked the wind to make its meaning plain;
It answered her, but without using words.
She looked around to understand her pain;
The wind was joined by water, and by birds,

And all the sound held meaning, but no sense:
The world seemed bright, but her darkness, immense,
And what she carried heavier than lead,
And meaningless all that she’d just heard said.

For grief’s a wall, and pain a hard locked door,
A filter blocking out all sight and sound,
A loneliness with others still around,
From lack of those who aren’t there anymore.

    But suddenly, a voice within her head:
    “I made you smile once. Do that instead.”