slowly freezing

the power is the order, the order is the way; the way is steep and icier than mere words can portray, but such we hear are freezing out all love or thought or doubt -- the power is the order, and you are in or out


At home, with his soliloquies, His fantasies, his memories, His thoughts about disparities, The youth he’s seen destroyed — He struggles to find meaning in The flow he’s intervening in By screening in, and leaning in And typing to the void — For what is self-esteem but this? To find and hit what seems amiss, … Continue reading "Non-Conversations"

You Are Your Phone

You are your phone. You are the people in those pictures, the words in all those messages. You are those likes, those comments, all those videos you watch -- Your life is spent in all that time, all those hours, scrolling, arguing, wondering, positioning -- Phones are times made solid, and solid things made into … Continue reading "You Are Your Phone"

oh, my

a photoshoot, a cold, cold day oh, my oh, my to act and look a certain way oh, my oh, my and modeling turns out to be more work than glamor, honestly, and she had just as soon be free of all this vapid pleasantry he sees her posing in the snow oh, my oh, … Continue reading "oh, my"


We call things ‘mixed’ as though   they don’t belong together;   this is strange. All that is   belongs together, for   here we are,   together. Or maybe… We call them ‘mixed’ because   they come from different places, but   everything is from   a different place from everything else —   … Continue reading "Mixed"

{ expendable }

another life that barely started laid upon the sodden earth, another tree cut down, uprooted, branches lost forever; but choruses of lies turn silent with the keening wind when those we deem expendable are used up once again. the day breaks beautiful, and painted, but the sorrowed heart seeks for answers not forthcoming, people have … Continue reading "{ expendable }"

the Validators

They ran our love through all their screens, Then told us we were not a match; Their apparatus brought to bear On anyone their snares could catch   These butterfly collectors who Place everyone behind the glass, In categories, rimmed with signs, A handful from a teeming mass   Identities defined by them Are not … Continue reading "the Validators"

painted chairs

we spent our days in painted chairs beneath the drunk and dusty sun, and waited for the n.f.l. to tell us who had won — the blue, with johnnie walker red, the pink, slow with a stillhouse black, were ready for the games to start, to see who got the sack — the summer turned … Continue reading "painted chairs"