Our Daily Echelons

Within our daily echelons, we may Go wandering from where we really are: For though love starts in fantasy, It isn't meant to really end that way. But all this isolation has begot A whirl of nothings, dressed up as the world That people fight and die for, everyday, Not knowing that the cure contains … Continue reading "Our Daily Echelons"

A Community

We raised our hands in a forest of words, We stretched out our arms in a gesture of light; We welcomed the dirt, and the bugs, and the birds, And brought depth and width, along with the height. As time tumbled forward, community rose, And we all together were more than each one; What we … Continue reading "A Community"

another online paradox

seems differing opinions can shake our confidence; and so we keep a distant gap or hide behind a fence we raise our kids in canyons, smugly, still we are afflicted with all the doubt that comes when we are simply contradicted

a super sunday thought

think, this sunday (if you'd like, and if one moment you might take) if just as many played as watched, the difference that it might make

A World of Words

When you live, solely, in a world of words, imagination loses its grounding, and truth becomes ulcerous. Words are things, but they are not the same as the things they are meant to signify; just as saying, "I will pay you back on time" doesn't mean that we will. So whatever we think we know … Continue reading "A World of Words"

spiraling, again

the world is full of hatred and people lined in rows to tear apart all others (and that's just how it goes) and oh how great we think we are (with such thoughts we are filled) we're not like those subhumans who we have lately killed oh evil evil everywhere to fight it's so inviting … Continue reading "spiraling, again"

men are meant to break

men are meant to break, and so we break them, a practice crossing time, and place, and caste; men are meant to die, and so we kill them, they're built for moments, violence, not to last boys are born destructive, angry, reckless, and this we can exploit, increasing yields -- men are meant to break, … Continue reading "men are meant to break"

The Default Setting

If your default is disrespect, Then pause a moment to reflect If you're of such a caliber To be a moral arbiter Or if, perhaps, you are a mix Of some things good with stuff to fix And as such, show ability To speak with more Humility

{ the Only view }

People will try to tell you what it is you really mean; Their viewpoint, one of privilege, that you can't contravene -- But that is just polemics, we can't fall for all that stuff: For we know what we are, and felt, and that should be enough