The word used

The word used? Divorce, I believe. Ironic — How far we travel Not knowing Where we really are

Red and Green

I married I married an Irish girl With red red hair and a Celtic name I traveled I traveled from sea to sea By bold love to proclaim I hallowed I hallowed recalescence The iron the iron it cooled so fast And left my old heart my gray heart no pretense And little that would … Continue reading "Red and Green"

Goodbye, Old Life

[This is a reworking of the first blog post I ever wrote, in prose, on another hosting site, after my divorce and selling of our old house. – Owen] It’s time to say goodbye, old life – it’s time for me to go… To notches on the door-frame as we watched our children grow, To … Continue reading "Goodbye, Old Life"

This Empty Room

This empty room sits silent in the sunbeams My footsteps on the carpet shuffle hollow: We moved a thousand things – all of our old dreams – But where you go, I can no longer follow We lay here once as lovers in the darkness I felt your velvet skin as it was burning; Whatever … Continue reading "This Empty Room"

The Mistakes I Made

The mistakes I made were many I gave you less than you needed I asked from you things you didn’t really have to give But I took nothing from you, in the end You loved me as best you could And I loved you the same way But love couldn’t answer In our case For … Continue reading "The Mistakes I Made"

{- walkways -}

a family lost in walkways and mazes of intent a couple who began with time that ended up misspent on labyrinths of blaming, mid flames to resurrect, and all that comes of love, when two have lost track of respect

.the phases of collapse.

what? i’m sorry, what? this, no — no, this cannot be true. you’re leaving for awhile, is all. it’s what you need to do. but i’ll be here when you come back. or if not here, i’ll be someplace, much smaller, cheaper, but you’ll know where to find me. we’ll not do anything rash right … Continue reading ".the phases of collapse."