the wash that happens in the wake

the wash that happens in the wake
of passions leading to mistake
will fast define the way we see
ourselves, within our misery

but do not view yourself as such,
though others use that portal —
for human is as human does,
and we are merely


You touched me soft…

You touched me soft beneath the cool
  and weightless sky,
And love, you were intent on my
  deliverance —

But locked inside this sometimes fool,
  a lonely guy
Was reaching for a reason why:

Was all I knew, or’d ever known —
  Insanity —

You touched me soft, but I missed out

  for vanity

A Place to Launch

Another phase, another type of platform,

A place to launch, a time to say goodbye;

A thousand things we meant to do, but didn’t,

The Fir-tree and The Catcher In The Rye


The literary lessons learned in losing,

The hopes of soaring ‘neath a brand new sky —

Another phase, another type of platform,

A place to launch, a time to say


vectors and infinity

signs and wonders all around,
portents of divinity;
summer moving forward is,
vectors and infinity

parasails in paradise,
storms within vicinity;
parabolic summer days,
vectors and infinity

riches shame,
lovers game,
there’s no secret
but the name
left alone,
by a throne,
broken free, with
none to own —

ocean plays a sorrow song,
taste of tears salinity;
you were right, so why so wrong?
vectors and


A Distilled Moment

He lost her long ago, he thinks,
And she was lovely, soft and sweet —
But somewhere there, amid the drinks,
She left and said, “I won’t repeat

This stupid hope I have that you
Will love me like you used to do.”
“It’s true,” he thinks, “that came to pass,”
Then pours himself another