when time won’t help

when time won't help, forgetting hides her face among the reeds and brambles and the cold comes hard


she broke out in fragility, twas written on her face – the best of her ability was covered, just in case the last romance of circumstance should ever come to call – (one should not have a viewing of this type of thing at all) the life of harboring her thoughts seemed right and good … Continue reading "fragility"


When she was almost young, she slept Next to the fields of pure delight; When she went almost out, she heard Of secret pleasures in the night When she felt almost love, she dreamed Of freedom found in ecstasy — Yes, when she almost lived, she lived Just two doors down From me   (“Almost” … Continue reading "Almost"

the moments, vanished

if i just could have seen the truth and known the harm that i had done; i might have fixed the things i broke – i might have been a salvaged one – but every day i broke your heart and caused so much i missed distress; if i just could have loved you more … Continue reading "the moments, vanished"

Another Kind of Price

The waves both come and go, but still The shore seems much the same As waves of guilt surround me now But barely touch the blame That I assign to one like me, Who knew where truth began: The needless hurt that can be caused From not much of A man   (“Another Kind of … Continue reading "Another Kind of Price"

Her Worth

She is the one who haunts him still Though years have passed, as e’er they will, Because he knew her worth, but chose The easy way, when it arose   He’s looked, but cannot find her like, And now he’s come to know, and rue: That if you quit on love, sometimes, You find that … Continue reading "Her Worth"

A Common Mistake

We want to see our flowers grow, But somehow, don’t suspect We won’t get buds of love, When we have watered with Neglect