this weight my soul

this weight my soul it reaches helplessly for thought for role for ease for urgency and though in still after the cooling rains the restless will rejoinders and remains this weight my soul comes evening to attest in part or whole for better or for best connections lost mid atrophy and troll the too-great cost … Continue reading "this weight my soul"

In Loving Time

In loving time, we find again that circumstance can fool the mind; the heart that follows, wondering where all it ends. The all that is in each of us — it’s true, my friends.In loving, time becomes that thing, both meaningless and precious, true — what all there is, and was, that matters; what to … Continue reading "In Loving Time"


oh, tell me, time: how do I store you up? where do I keep you still, who, always rolling, mocks these mercantile schemes? am I my druthers keeper? sticking only wishes, locked inside of self-deluding dreams, these walls of my pretense, unstored with all that nourishes, a monument to all that never was

the lost

where did the echoes go, the footsteps once beside me on this pier, this wakeful pier, more than a doubtful hypallage where is the life that sorrow smiled, the laughed through pain (sometimes) along the edge of this melange-expanse this landscape made of tears


mornings in the spring guileless and silent searching living for life's sake raising in love what love can feeding hope where light reaches


... we now embark only upon the most sacred of missions, guided by our principles of equity, and purity of thought, those of benighted times, mired in mistakenness and unable to see their own faults, erected monuments that we pass now with indulgent smiles, confident that future generations will not do so to us, or … Continue reading "whereas…"

within and without (2)

am I alive? because I once produced -- what was it? it was all just here a minute ago -- strength in glory, glory in strength -- these were my watchwords, but I guess we all have to watch words because those, too get away from us