Backpacking Across

When they set off together, Two friends, at twenty-two; They weren't sure where they would go, Or just what they would do, But then, that didn't signify. For life was in the doing, And being free at twenty-two Meant going, feeling, viewing. As spring turned into summer, With backpacks and with fire, And just a … Continue reading "Backpacking Across"

A Murmur Made of Wistfulness

"Enjoy it while you can," I heard her mother say -- A murmur made of wistfulness For when, back in the day, The heads would turn as she walked in. A strange and hollow feeling Of knowing, when you've never climbed, You've long since reached Your ceiling

A Photo Shoot

She laughed at him and his camera when He asked to get a picture; But then, so far as he could tell, There was no photo stricture That manners, custom, or intent Could claim it disallowed: And so he focused, while She laughed out loud. She smiles, now, at the picture, that He took those … Continue reading "A Photo Shoot"

once in strength

once in strength i offered protection now in age i offer a spectacle

The Wedding

And arch of crossed swords Celebrating the passing Of the happy pair

The Nonagenarian

Four-and-ninety years ago, He first came to these hills, The child of a couple doomed By undeveloped pills But somehow, he survived the times And lived on to relate The way he nearly fought the war (His birthday came too late) Instead, in southeast Asia, he Performed with passing valor A thing he sometimes thinks … Continue reading "The Nonagenarian"

The One Who Set You Free

I was the one who set you free when no one understood you; I was the one who changed your heart and showed you that you could, you Were lost and so afraid, until The day of our first meeting: I was the one who set you free But, oh, how love is fleeting

choices don’t make freedom

privileges are nothing when we daily just abuse them; choices don't make freedom until we know how to use them everything that's known is nothing when we do not know it; and love in merely words is vapor til we learn to show it

Comics Collecting

When you are young, And you take on a hobby That you know is made fun of, You are acknowledging that Being accepted and approved of by all Is not a primary goal for you, Or, perhaps, that it was never Really even possible On other grounds. When you understand how intense The desire to … Continue reading "Comics Collecting"