Hole (An Autocorrect Poem)

Your presence gives me hole —
As though a week was lifted from my shoulder —
I kosher it’s just a trope,
The kind we entertain as we get okra —

You wear it like a diary
That sparkles in the sketch,
Inline to you for everything
And you donut ask why —

Your live, it gives me hope:
It’s like the kiss that signature Spring
The hole you place

In everything

Oh, Love —

Oh, love —
Let every touch be love,
And may the very light that brushes eyes
Call out your name —

Oh, love —
I’ve felt you in the dark,
The hope that whispers comfort when
The night is filled with shame.

The emblem, and the meaningless,
The symptom, and the curse,
The absent, and the manifest,
The chapter, and the verse —

Oh, love —
I want to know your heart,
And feel you pulsing there,
Beneath my skin —

Oh, love —
There is no other way:
For all of us must end where we

A Morning Dance

I see her every morning at the gym

And because I’ve never tried to talk to her

We’ve become friends


I stood aside for her to enter the gym this morning;

She aimed a friendly smile at me as she walked by –

An exchange of manners


So much social interaction seems to be

Knowing the steps,

Rather than knowing any words