The Model Life (4)

I don't deny I love the way you look And though it's said to be but shallow praise Just one encounter was all that it took. The time has passed, now: all the years, the days, And still I love to see you being you, With all your many attitudes, and ways. For what's most … Continue reading "The Model Life (4)"

Beauty Isn’t Everything

Beauty isn’t everything, But it’s really nice; If we don’t make virtues in- To some sort of vice Beauty isn’t everything, But let’s not be small: Envy isn’t anything We should want At all   (“Beauty Isn’t Everything” – 7-12-2015)

Near Night

Waves caress the yielding sands Like two together, holding hands The sea receives the sun’s last kiss As gulls cry of forgotten bliss The tumult that was lately felt Has faded with the dying day As night approaches, with its gift A belle chanson de liberté (“Near Night” – 10/12/2014)

Choosing to Become

As a teenage boy, I didn’t realize The degree to which some girls, every day, Turn themselves into works of art. I only ever saw The finished product, and I Assumed girls looked the way they did Having expended as little effort as I had. (My sister was much older, and Taught me nothing useful … Continue reading "Choosing to Become"


We want to pull Beauty towards us, But it always works The other way around


Beauty have I loved As life’s great View behind the veil

Wild Rose

An unexpected sight on a warm summer day.
Just days from now, when others walk Upon this bit of ocean strand, They will not know that we were here, This barefoot walk for two, unplanned The sunlight streams magnificence, In majesty, the ocean roars; But there’s no beauty ever been That even could compare To yours