Beauty / Always

There is a beauty doesn’t fade,

It’s always there for sharing;

The heart that clothes itself in love

And radiates its caring


But there’s a secret rarely said,

Though out there for believing:

Love wears a chain around its neck

From each and every grieving


It tries to lift from off the backs

From those it loves, as duty —

For strong indeed are those who live

A life of love

And beauty

Valerie Summerville

Roses carnations baby's breath and pansies

Valerie Summerville lives up the hill –
Go by the river, then turn at the mill –
Look for the trailer withs roses outside
At Number 16, Crosspoint Forest

Valerie’s beautiful, friendly and smart –
Everyone here knows she’s got a big heart –
She goes to church of a Sunday, at nine
And works everyday as a florist

Valerie Summerville, loved and admired –
Dated some men here, but then, came unwired;
Realized she’s good if she’s never a bride,
And just went about being merry

Valerie’s heart is for no one, it seems
Even for those of us hiding our dreams;
But, like herself, I guess I will be fine —
My secret’s not
Tough to carry

beauty rules

She used to look and only see
A list of imperfections:
As though we were assembled, all,
From one set of directions

But she’s learned “image” is a game
That’s made for knaves and fools:
If you don’t want to join their club,
You needn’t mind their rules

For she is beautiful inside,
And so outside, she shows it —
There’s no perfection quite like hers,
And now, at last,
She knows it

no halfway measures:
love built on respect, or else
you can hit the road

In memories of words and ugly looks,
The pain still cuts her to the very bone:
The lonely hours with her many books
While staring at a useless, silent phone

The ‘now’ is so much better than the ‘then’,
But memories – they will come back again –
The cruel daily comments that would pass
With sneers in locker halls between each class

And while she always did have real, true, friends,
They were a very small minority;
A miniscule ad hoc sorority
Of other misfits, outcast odds and ends

    They fought for their ideals, outside the norm:
    The real cool kids, who never did conform

Katya (2)

Treated like a cufflink.

Katya (2)

She is an honest model in
That world of vain display –
Made up to pose for pictures
Off in Paris or Calais

She’s treated like a cufflink
By the men she sometimes dates;
Rich guys who she makes look good
Like their Benz’s or estates

She wants real love and passion,
Not to be some work of art:
My fear is that she’ll settle
For all money and no heart

Because she think that’s normal
For the people in her biz;
She’s trapped inside the limits
Of who she’s long thought
She is