Another Ex

She was my longest love in many ways,
With us so often on, or off, again;
She was a part of each divergent phase
Of all the things I tried to, could've been

She called me once in quite a fevered state;
Her voice its magic worked on me in tolls;
I drove six hours - then we made love eight -
A fire burning on in glowing coals

But something about us just was not right.
The chemistry was there, and we could talk:
But our values were different, so in spite
Of all the good we had, I chose to walk.

We have stayed friends, and lately I can tell:
I'm just another ex to her, as well

What Must Be Said

So I don’t want to think it anymore.
And I don’t want to say what must be said –
For nothing ever will be as before,
There’s no more watering a plant that’s dead

You went to where you felt you had to be.
For I was not enough for you to flaunt:
And so you found someone who was not me;
A job that, daily, fewer people want

I’ve reached the edge of language in my course,
It’s time to pack it in and end the show;
I cannot sing some song of ‘sweet remorse’,
To try to leave with pride
Is all
I know

it didn’t really matter, did it?

she was the fix that 
 he had to have,
he was the habit 
 she couldn't break;
love started out with 
 these feelings, true,
then it became just 
 a thing to make

everything ends where 
 it didn't start,
ground ever shifting
 beneath our feet:
theirs was a love that
 would never end,
another stunning



I Am The Morning

Each step I hear (the water’s edge)
The reeds my hand must brush aside
What is this slow unchanging love
What were those tears (last night) you cried

I am the morning light and cold
The sun afraid (but still to come)
I am the morning silence gray
For you have gone and I

Am numb

The Last Chalice

I am a king here with my brew:
A king who has no need of you.
When I can press my lips to this
What need of I for your lost kiss?

A castle I will call this bar:
My minions, come from near and far,
Are here to drink with me and know
That we can still be high when low,

And reign over each cup and crumb,
And give in to the cold and numb —
With this last chalice, we will toast
What we let go, but still

Love most

Snapshot: Breakup

she asked,
what do you really want?
i said,
i’m sure i do not know.

she stared out at the endless sea,
and watched the wavelets come and go

and as the summer turned a page,
the daylight dimmed as by a switch –
and love grew old, or maybe me —
i still cannot remember

So Much Driftwood

And now we are just so much driftwood
Washed up on the beach;
What was alive has torn away, and
Drifted out of reach

From what it was that gave it life:
The tree it was part of —
And now we are just so much driftwood
Fallen out

Of love