Where Love Was Meant to Be

She stood where love was meant to be And watched its slow demise; Though posed as the embodiment Of fantasies of guys But love is not an image, nor A way we simply feel — It’s only action that can prove If love is really Real

it didn’t really matter, did it?

she was the fix that he had to have, he was the habit she couldn't break; love started out with these feelings, true, then it became just a thing to make everything ends where it didn't start, ground ever shifting beneath our feet: theirs was a love that would never end, another stunning unforeseen defeat

I Am The Morning

Each step I hear (the water’s edge) The reeds my hand must brush aside What is this slow unchanging love What were those tears (last night) you cried I am the morning light and cold The sun afraid (but still to come) I am the morning silence gray For you have gone and I Am … Continue reading "I Am The Morning"

The Last Chalice

I am a king here with my brew: A king who has no need of you. When I can press my lips to this What need of I for your lost kiss? A castle I will call this bar: My minions, come from near and far, Are here to drink with me and know That … Continue reading "The Last Chalice"

Snapshot: Breakup

she asked, what do you really want? i said, i’m sure i do not know. she stared out at the endless sea, and watched the wavelets come and go and as the summer turned a page, the daylight dimmed as by a switch – and love grew old, or maybe me — i still cannot … Continue reading "Snapshot: Breakup"