Worth The Sacrifice

Just because your sacrifice was betrayed, Didn’t mean it wasn’t worth it: What we give for love is always more important Than any regrets we might have over who we have given it to. “Sacrifice” is an important part of relationships. Since none of us has the time, resources, or energy to do everything we … Continue reading "Worth The Sacrifice"

The Afterwards

The afterwards of everything is wondering Why tradeoffs must be made, and friendships lost, And why the night turns silence into shadows That touch the edge of passion turned to frost The afterwards of everything is emptiness, A strange reward for doing what is right: The cold and quiet heart that’s ribbed with darkness, The … Continue reading "The Afterwards"


The porpoise may become a shark, If we don’t have our species right; Because she loved him in the dark, She thought she knew him in the light She thought she knew; she felt so strong – But love gone left is simply, wrong, And hollow is the memory That now is tinged with treachery … Continue reading "Heartbroken"

This Happy

I wish you were this happy all the time. I know our days are coming to a close, For I am not for you. I’m not the one To bring to you this warmth, or sense of peace. So we can part now, better in past tense, Then ever in the present tense we were. … Continue reading "This Happy"

Kitchen Breakaway

That morning, we awoke, And I remember: runners on the beach, And there was music, somewhere, Through the open window, As we munched our toast, And drank our drinks in silence. “What will you do?” I asked, As though I hadn’t several times before, And you said, “I arrive in Dallas Around 6, I think, … Continue reading "Kitchen Breakaway"

Flowers Cannot Fix It

You have this dream, that she’ll be there At dinnertime tonight And, if you make it perfect Everything will be alright But flowers cannot fix it Cannot make this dream come true: Don’t worry friend, she’ll smile again — But it won’t be With you