Waiting Room

I’m sitting in a waiting room And choose to write this verse; The snow is blowing hard outside The wind keeps getting worse — Winter once was magical With castles made of snow; But now the world is blank, and I Can’t see which way to go — The wait is over, and my child … Continue reading "Waiting Room"

Real, Love

(While at the hospital almost seven years ago for the birth of our new grandson, I spoke to a father whose daughter was undergoing chemotherapy. These were his words.) So I cannot cease,Nor can rest,Knowing you’re in pain – I would do and IWould undoSo many things now My child: if I couldSomehow tradePlaces with … Continue reading "Real, Love"

I Tried To Dance

I tried to dance,And hoped that you would notice me;I tried to sing,But you had left the room Tried to excel,And hoped you would approve of me –I learned some tricksYou never stopped to view I wanted you to see me andTo like me;To talk to you, acceptedWithout qualms I just wished that you noticedAnd … Continue reading "I Tried To Dance"

To See My Mom

[This picture is actually my mom in 1955. This was written before she passed away in 2019. – Owen] I do not know which is further The seventeen hundred miles to see my mom Or the sixty years since this photo was taken Each needs the aid of human technology to be crossed: Plane rides … Continue reading "To See My Mom"

Joy Is Always Running

Joy is always running Water splashing, Children laughing Joy is there for having, Not for holding, But for knowing Joy is deep within us: We can wake it, Not create it Joy is always running Neath the surface Warm and glowing

An Attentive Brother

I saw them in the city park The dad was chatting on nearby; Her brother got her going, then He saw her eyes begin to fly And when she curved around he clapped, And helped her stop, and start again; For sometimes it's the boys we need Instead of those we might call Men

brother sister time

quiet moments close tiny things observed brother sister time all of these are served autumn on the hill sticks a magic wand quiet moments close brother sister bond

a super sunday thought

think, this sunday (if you'd like, and if one moment you might take) if just as many played as watched, the difference that it might make