lying awake

she lies awake and wonders where it went the glow that once surrounded who she was for all the hidden talents she’s misspent for random choices, lacking a “because” in stillness now, she thinks of one mistake her mother’s eyes with tears were dabbed and flecked for all that woman’s faults, for goodness sake she … Continue reading "lying awake"

The Last Chalice

I am a king here with my brew: A king who has no need of you. When I can press my lips to this What need of I for your lost kiss? A castle I will call this bar: My minions, come from near and far, Are here to drink with me and know That … Continue reading "The Last Chalice"


she broke out in fragility, twas written on her face – the best of her ability was covered, just in case the last romance of circumstance should ever come to call – (one should not have a viewing of this type of thing at all) the life of harboring her thoughts seemed right and good … Continue reading "fragility"

The Weight of Memory

I woke this morning heavy in the thought Of what it was when you were in the room; And though these many years have changes wrought, Your scent’s still in the air, your presence felt. The dead still brushing by me in my day With more of wistfulness than nearing doom: As sense and mem’ry twine in … Continue reading "The Weight of Memory"

If Memory Was Made of Glass

If memory was made of glass, And I could see right through, Perhaps I’d see it clearly: how It’s always been with you Perhaps then I could understand What led you to each choice: The demons on your shoulder, and Your broken inner voice But such has not been mine, as yet – Clear-sighted memory … Continue reading "If Memory Was Made of Glass"


She opened up a single empty box That held her happy memories within, And saw the mere projection of her hope That had become more real than earthly him – She sat out on the highway of remorse, And stared out at the blue and distant sea; Accepting, underneath the glaring sun, The hope she’d … Continue reading "Accepting"