afters (9)

we borrowed all our opulence, and tasted that one meal: which sharpened all our hunger from that point onward

whirling world

lights ablaze returning, spinning whirling world of color in abeyance faltering winter mania


turned inward, much that passes by goes missing: but outward, she often finds the real her, flying through new skies so much more than relationships, and yet less: finding place in the realization that 'place' is relative sing of love: find your own music. sing your song, just for you. then let your voice float … Continue reading "Four"

The Model Life (3)

In moments spent reflectively there's beauty; simple times when thoughtfulness shows the deep mystery within


the coming together makes the being apart worthwhile love tastes like what you meant to have rather than what you had back before you even knew what it meant to have

fountain play

fountain play: gurgling, hissing -- autumn day: you, missing -- love is a strange emptiness without you, i guess

again and then

again and then flowing past such times as kept us unable to understand but feeling our way
that sailboat carries my whole heart for love both contains all and fits anywhere at all like wind in a sail

a little awestruck

a great blue over a pure gold flecked with red the fall, like water, flowing through the traveler, returning gladness a welcoming place, wreathed in autumn's calm glow, where the walker stops hearing finally the voice that reminds him that good is by a pond, trees like new angels spreading wings, scattered leaves on the … Continue reading "a little awestruck"