If I Was In Charge

If I was in charge, the world would be much worse.

Chaotic and unfair, but — lots of verse.

I’d outlaw cold, give everyone a goat,

A house and drawbridge, over their own moat.

It know that it sounds stupid, overlarge —

Perhaps that’s why I’m never put

In charge

Photo credit : ID 84752491 Talashow | Dreamstime.com


(Note: this is not aimed at any particular Jennifer out there. It is, however, a true story about how weird I am.)


I was only five years old
And had a kind of crush
On this blonde girl named Jennifer
Who always made me blush

She was an older woman –
She was six, or maybe seven –
And as we’d play together
I could feel my young face redden

We moved away, as happens,
But as years went by I found
I still loved the name, “Jennifer”
It’s such a pretty sound

And when my teen years hit me
And the fantasies occurred;
If she was not someone I knew
She was named “Jennifer”

I don’t know why, it’s silly.
And, as such, it was my fate
To never meet a Jennifer –
Not one that I could date.

And then I met my true love,
And her name began with “J”;
And that, I thought, was close enough
To take it all the way.


The boy somewhere inside me
5 years old, struck by romance –
Wanted to love a Jennifer
But never got his chance