A Gentle Cult

He joined a cult because they promised
Pizza and a Coke for free:
It seems a shallow tradeoff, but
He wasn't quite like you, or me,

He had a grander vision; he
Believed that he was meant for yachts --
Though, true, he's spent most hours since
In sweeping rooms and parking lots

But his cult was a gentle one:
He merely had to do his part,
While all the letters of his name
Dissolved, and broke into

A Snellen chart

A Latinate My Homework

I invited some Latin nouns and verbs over
But they declined
Unless the visit was conjugal

Latin grammar is wonderful
The language is so easy to grasp to the modern mind
And many great classics of literary
Scientific, and philosophical thought
Are open up to one
Who just understands Latin

I sing this threnody for Latin
A dead language
That's still killing students everywhere


The Way of The Fox

Babbling carelessly down
The garrulous way of the fox,
He found himself far from the town
Where populi wasn’t that vox

He asked for another concern,
But there were no others about —
His mind could find no place to turn
Without a convention to flout

For the wood and the leaves and the dirt
Are commonly thought of as shy
As their message is not that overt —
Though you can find it out if you try —

Warbling thoughtlessly through
The pilloried ways of the past
He found that last shall be first,
And the first aren’t likely

To last

Schrödinger’s Cat

So, I was here watching Schrödinger’s cat,
Now it’s both dead and alive:
How it has managed this, I do not know.
Somehow, though, it did contrive

So both to be and to not-be at once
Putting poor Hamlet to shame:
So the old Law of Non-Contradiction’s
Broken, and I am to blame.

So in the middle of Animal Rights
Physics, and Theater too —
I’ve violated immutable laws
What’s a poor blogger to do?