A Paramecium

We raised a paramecium That we could call our own; A single cell, and yet so much, A presence in our home -- We wanted a forever, but The fates would not permit -- That day our paramecium Just up and freaking Split

A Gentle Cult

He joined a cult because they promised Pizza and a Coke for free: It seems a shallow tradeoff, but He wasn't quite like you, or me, He had a grander vision; he Believed that he was meant for yachts -- Though, true, he's spent most hours since In sweeping rooms and parking lots But his … Continue reading "A Gentle Cult"

donut disturb

it's not my fault you feel it, it's just a photograph -- if you are hungry now, or doing time and money math to see if you have room to go and get you something sweet, that's not my fault, what's done is done, it's a fait accompli

and that about covers it

an infant tile grew to know to undersell's to overblow the house we cover has no price and roof tacks are no paradise

The Way of The Fox

Babbling carelessly down The garrulous way of the fox, He found himself far from the town Where populi wasn’t that vox He asked for another concern, But there were no others about — His mind could find no place to turn Without a convention to flout For the wood and the leaves and the dirt … Continue reading "The Way of The Fox"

Schrödinger’s Cat

So, I was here watching Schrödinger’s cat, Now it’s both dead and alive: How it has managed this, I do not know. Somehow, though, it did contrive So both to be and to not-be at once Putting poor Hamlet to shame: So the old Law of Non-Contradiction’s Broken, and I am to blame. So in … Continue reading "Schrödinger’s Cat"

Paramecium Dreams

I dreamed of paramecium Turned into neighborhoods; A type of micro/macro world Of unicell canned goods I don’t know where the setting was, In Pittsburgh or Korea — I just know that it did contain The germ of an Idea