Magic Cats

It used to be, disorder was
The rule of my existence;
But then I found these magic cats,
And learned about persistence

They taught me about liberty,
And honor, and adventure:
I came to realize my life
Was little but indenture

A bit of sallow love within
A skin of pure corruption,
That I'd have stayed within, except
For their kind interruption

Some cannot see them, so they say
That this is all fantasia:
Or that I am imagining,
Or suffer from dysphasia

One of them traveled from Saint-Priest,
Another from Kamchatka,
Another from South Florida,
I think it's called Palatka

They said my spirit had a cold
And needed some ablation;
As stuck as I had been within
The concept of causation

And so I sold my house and land,
And traveled to Alsatia,
To find some Gentianaceae,
Perhaps some stray Sabbatia

For magic herbs and remedies,
And parts of geomancy,
Were just a bit of what they've taught -
Whatever's caught their fancy --

I travel now around the world
With these three as instructors:
And lead but half an orchestra
Like most semiconductors

If none of this makes sense to you,
And seems like thought transference,
Then find yourself some magic cats,
And we will reach concurrence 

Agreement: it's the end of life,
The start of life, its middle --
And every trio comes in threes,
It's just part of
The riddle

memories through a self-serving crucible

i loved you once, or maybe twice –
it kind of sucked, or it was nice —
but you were everything to me,
or sort of great to some degree,
or maybe kind of, really, there —
i don’t recall, and i don’t care.

i saved the word from harrows once:
i was the world’s most brilliant dunce.
i used my superpowered wit
to vanquish each and every twit
who chose their vacancies to share:
or maybe. i don’t really care.

the doorbell rang. it was a man
who said they’re taking me away
to where the people never work
and see a doctor every day:
it sounded good, i thought, and so
i left behind that desk and chair —
i found that things don’t go that well
when i decide that i
don’t care

I Stooped To Use A Metaphor

I stooped to use a metaphor
And kind of scraped my knees;
I should have known the dangers of
Heavy analogies

It figures that figures of speech
Would figure in this tale;
As part of parts of speech is parts
That can be rather frail

And so, unwary and confused.
I tried things to compare:
I stooped to use a metaphor,
But should have stopped
Right there