That’s Just How It Goes

We’re bored with what’s familiar, But don’t want things to change; Such time-bound creatures as we are, You’d think we’d rearrange Priorities, so we’d clear outOut thought/emotion plumbing — Instead, the ‘last days’ pile up, And we don’t see Them coming

for she too

she hears all the lost sounds of joy and sorrow for she too is lost giving her absolute access

the bounties of ignorance

ignorance belongs to no one time, place or people: it continues to share its wealth with each and with all

unknown lives

what we call all those unknown lives are well known

scribble on the roads

scribble on the roads: write your heart across the pavement, and let life know your intent to keep fighting

inhale gray

good and bad always coexist in this life to separate them is to tear life out of context we humans inhale gray but scream black and white

intimate limits

while those memories fill her heart you may feel estranged just know that places you can't reach always are

past the gate

past the gate we walked in loving poverty riches of the heart stay longer and taste much sweeter

Every Way But One

She told him that she loved him In every way but one, But that was not enough for him, And so the thing was done. She's heard now that he's married, And wonders who his wife is; As she rereads his letters thinking Just how fragile Life is