Assumptions (2)

Math is easy, always has been:
Science, language, everything —
But she feels alone, and different.
Like a stretched and fraying string,

She is at her very limits.
There’s a guy she likes, but he
Likes cheerleaders and won’t notice
When she wins the spelling bee.

So tomorrow, she’ll stop seeming
Quite so smart, she’ll change her hair,
And she’ll get this guys attention:
Somehow, someway, and somewhere.

“Intelligence is key,” they teach us.
Smartness is a thing we vaunt:
But, while it can help us know things,
It can’t tell us what

To want

(Assumption – “Smarter people are wiser.”)

Fortune’s Favor – 8

There is a day when love moves out to sea,
When we must walk the shoreline, desolate;
The tide will come and go, then, pointlessly,
And we will wonder, “is it my turn yet?”

For bigger than the universe is grief,
And harder than the mutilated soul;
It stretches past the borders of belief,
And leaves us lessened — unwell, and unwhole —

Oh, why does love forsake us? Why, indeed,
Must everything we ever thought we knew
Get swallowed up, into the aching sea,
Under a sky where no bird ever flew?

  Or maybe, those we loved need us to learn
  They that had walked these same shores, in their turn