In Setting Out

Come with me, my friend, and see the storied hills: For autumn’s full of love, and so are we, We restless searchers as we wander on Past strands of summer, cobwebs on our hearts. In setting out, we come to know what’s setting in: The furniture we’ve moved, the mental flummery We use in place … Continue reading "In Setting Out"

Security and Exchange

The experts tell us every day We need a smarter planet, As though, for all these sordid years, Some other beings ran it — Today’s land-barons own the cloud, Their influence is everywhere: Our brigands roam the highways, then, Of coding, and of malware — The p.r. people say we’re safe, And issue corporate sureties,While … Continue reading "Security and Exchange"

Three Hours – 7 PM

YOU were the ground: so happy, shoveling the sand; so joyful, rolling in the grass -- soft and squishy, bare feet running, the smell of flowers filling your nose, and the earth itself filling your heart -- you were that ground.YOU were the water: lying on your back, arms spread wide, held by the liquid … Continue reading "Three Hours – 7 PM"

Three Hours – 3 PM

WHEN the rain goes by, the smell still hangs heavy, like an entrusted secret; sweet, like cracking voices still singing fresh where the polychrome bends YOU gave me a glimpse of your hidden heart: the clouds still passing, and the rain still falling, yet the grain still waving in your changing eyes MAGICAL, like the … Continue reading "Three Hours – 3 PM"

the breathing time

like all around you inhale slow and exhale slower the breathing time internalized and felt through leading past all the things let go or meant to
that doom is always coming is easy to predict, for all we know dwells deep within a certain interdict that wind and wash will wear away whate’er we think the norm — so lives are what we are, and do, before and in the storm

The Song Keeps Going

I've seen the sun come up on dreams, I've seen the night come down in eyes, I've loved, and been discarded both, So it should come as no surprise That the song keeps going after us. There's a time I'll stop when my day is done: But although the chorus be vast and loud You … Continue reading "The Song Keeps Going"

arbored thoughts

to be more, see more; to see beyond, reach beyond — as even the trees know, growing is always about all the directions

an old romance

the love the same the passions pure with lovers true but yet unsure it’s hard from here to know them there: but if they weren’t, we’d all be air