A Town from Nothing

We built a town from nothing, And there we lived our breaths; We raised our children on these lanes, And saw our parent's deaths -- We built our meanings here in blood, Then came to find, somehow, That all the meant the world to us Is full forgotten Now

The Pride of Lucy

Lucy sat out in the sun In cold and clear September; She modeled for us her new life, I always will remember The pride she wore upon her face As she soaked in the rays; Not knowing pills and Crystal Head Would soon cut short her days. The pride of Lucy, young and full Of … Continue reading "The Pride of Lucy"

The Music of Emptiness

We have known the music of emptiness, and truth be told, at times, we have sought it. Times when we seek, not to make sense of it all, but to accept the senselessness and vanity that comprises much of life. This is not sadness, it is a hollowness: this us not despair, it is more … Continue reading "The Music of Emptiness"

So Familiar

A life led by blind desire, Lurching toward the funeral pyre Happenstance spun into meaning, Private times spent posing, preening Strings of words on worthless air, Tableaus struck with no one there Emptiness and vanity, Sheltered by insanity Carved from cells once formed by bliss: So familiar All of this   (“So Familiar” – 10-23-2014)

Raining It In

It’s raining where I work today But I’ll show up and earn my pay Or try to: try to prove my worth As though each day was a new birth But through this pane of glass I see The wild world in front of me And hear the booming thunder roll All things beyond my … Continue reading "Raining It In"

like my own

dissolving such expectations as are borne on light winds blown through passing thoughts like my own damned vanity