Joy is Presence…

Joy is presence, grief is absence —
That small much is clear —
What was good is never lost, or
It was never here.

In our being there’s agreeing
If we’ll just but feel it —
What is good needs take no counsel
(Nor need you appeal it)

For there is a sudden season:
Life is lived, so do it —
What is good is its own reason,
That’s all there is to it

That Love

The sea seems infinite; at least
As large as any thought, or sky,
And I’m so happy you are here,
Although I cannot fathom why —

I can be glad, though. And I am.
For every chapter in this book
Of disappointment, choices poor,
Was controverted. All it took

Was just a glance, a touch, a hand
To brush aside some tousled hair,
To see the light within your eyes,
To know while I am here, you’re there,

For this is wonder – love, and joy –
The magnum opus mystery —
That love can be as large, and clear
As any sky

Or any