The World Is Full of Resonance

The world is full of resonance

Of loving echoes ringing;

The birds still try to tell us this,

If we but hear their singing

For sound can glitter in the air,

And make the sad soul glisten —

The world is full of resonance,

If we but stop

To listen


shells beneath the surface shine
in sharpened joy for summertime,
and colors dance before our eyes:
the shock of rainbow-edged surprise -

and you know love like lips on lips,
in water splashed with fingertips,
and sunlight searing through a soul
that's gained its way, but lost control

so live as though you full intend
to come, to go, to reach, to send --
and hear the water splash like bells
on freed up toes, and bits of shells

into infinity

a luxury she won at chance,
a view she never thought she’d see:
the bushes and the trees a sign,
a door into infinity
a solitary moment spent
along the edge in measuring
how many heartbeats she’d yet had,
while never letting her heart really


3 Beliefs – 2

Joy comes interlaced with pain
Everywhere we are, or go;
Golden childhood tales contain
Match girls dying in the snow —

All we think to say, or feel,
Frozen days by sunlight graced —
Bricks and mortar of what’s real:
Joy and pain are



tangled fall and wind aslant
should is shouldn’t, can is can’t
up and moving, must away
find the heart, forget the day

clouds that beckon from the skies
wind that laughs, and ground that cries
soul that sorrow knows, and grows
simple devastation

mangled wall of former grief
love is long, but life is brief
up and moving, in the fields
harvesting the flow life yields

though the path be wet and cold
though the back grow weak and old
conquered fears, and heart that hears
still in


Flowers Named Elizabeth

For holidays, and hidden ways,
For shorter goes and longer stays,
For time reflecting only breath,
For flowers named Elizabeth,

For every moment felt in joy,
Adventure spent, and girl-meets-boy,
With gratitude we lift and know
How good things are, when they

Are so