to float and fly

to float and fly, to soar and sing:
this is a part of human joy —
to start with feet but then, take wing –
a must for every girl or boy —

lest we forget, mid years wide-flung:
life isn’t easy for the young,
they want to reach, to touch the sky —
feel what it is, to float
and fly


shells beneath the surface shine
in sharpened joy for summertime,
and colors dance before our eyes:
the shock of rainbow-edged surprise -

and you know love like lips on lips,
in water splashed with fingertips,
and sunlight searing through a soul
that's gained its way, but lost control

so live as though you full intend
to come, to go, to reach, to send --
and hear the water splash like bells
on freed up toes, and bits of shells