About That Dream You Had Concerning Me

You dreamed of seeing me up there, Alas, I never made it; I moved beyond, to other things, And your hopes slowly faded Oh yes, you had so many plans For this fly in the ointment: I was a minor talent, but A major disappointment


Some people say that where they are Is where they’re meant to be; For years, I never understood – Those comments puzzled me Sometimes, you’re down and desperate, As I was, long ago: I saw no reason at the time Why it needs must be so For almost thirty years ago I tried to end … Continue reading "Nightscape"

the feel of rain

flowers love the feel of rain, spring adores the flowers; sadness needs the touch of spring so to lose its powers powers come and powers go, ever waxing, waning — so much good can only come after it’s been raining

When All You Love

When all you love is still the same, But somehow, not enough; When every path’s abandoned, each New friend, a new rebuff — When days stretch on like oceans, And the nights are heavy lade, And all you ever dreamed about Dissolves and starts to fade Then hope becomes a beacon you Must follow to … Continue reading "When All You Love"

a hundred-weight of dreams

a hundred-weight of dreams inside a thousand-weight of fears; some scattered days of hope within and dozen months of tears — a dread that’s born of emptiness, a questioning of worth: a plague of such anxiety as rends the very earth. the colors of accomplishment, ineptitude, or both; the tearing sound that signifies both injury … Continue reading "a hundred-weight of dreams"
as cares, like grass, grow everywhere and wild, and hills to climb stretch out and multiply, you stand and look at all the ones you conquered, and think about the doubts you've had, and why. for journeys all stem from dissatisfaction, when where you are's not where you want to be -- so cares, like … Continue reading ""

Looking Out on Desire

Handsome on the hill Beautiful and strong You will find some peace It won’t be that long Hope is not just wishing Love’s without machinery Look out on desire Cultivate the scenery

Interlace 2

Under control is not tied down. Choices made belong to us: Explanations are not owed, There’s no reason to discuss How we choose to live our life. Keep your confidence, and soul: Choose the ties and braids you make, Keep your reasons yours, And whole