Her Tears

He wishes he could spare her tears today. But there is nothing, nobody who can; For tears will out – they’ll always find a way, To issue when they will, despite of plan That she might have of putting on brave face. He loves her with an old man father’s love, Full wishing he her … Continue reading "Her Tears"


“I’m sorry,” – I heard that, But then the rest was hard to hear – “I should have told you months ago,” – And my mind raced with fear “Bye,” her sad voice said, And then the voicemail ended there To leave me hanging on And questioning exactly where My stepdaughter was now, And what … Continue reading "Wayward"

Worth It

Coming home from a long day at work...


Every Saturday, her dad Would grill in their backyard; With charcoal hot on cinder blocks, While she kept watch and guard. And savory and sapid-sweet Were those times without care; Until the day the grill went cold, And her dad wasn’t there. See, no one lit those coals again, Although she looked in vain; In bars … Continue reading "Charcoal"

Real, Love

(While at the hospital two years ago for the birth of our new grandson, I spoke to a father whose daughter was undergoing chemotherapy. These were his words.) So I cannot cease, Nor can rest, Knowing you’re in pain – I would do and I Would undo So many things now My child: if I … Continue reading "Real, Love"

Dads and Daughters

Fathers: dote on daughters Do not leave them lacking Know that they need nurture So don’t sit there, slacking Not much time to treasure Don’t get bound by bothers: Warmed to grow to greatness Formed by loving fathers

A Cube’s An Elephant

To me, a cube’s an elephant. To you, a sphere’s an otter, And we would think each other weird If you were not My daughter

A Memory

Here’s my daughter and her friend Waiting for the wave to fall; Moments just before it hit — Laughter, soon to peal in scads Days I wished would never end – Blue-green sea, and sky o’er all: Having fun in all of it — With girls (now women) who still needed Dads