The Pattern Spun In Gold

At last, he sees the pattern spun in gold: The maritime, the nautical in how It is the trip, the journey makes us old; It is the search to find what's really now. How many hours rowing, tacking wind? How many flat seas scanned, how many ports? The plans he scuppered, burned up, tossed, or … Continue reading "The Pattern Spun In Gold"

9 Love Poems – 9

Bring me the night and you, and I need little more,For nothing else intoxicates like this:A realm of learnings, carried by uncommon core;The many-volumed novel in a kiss The lingering, a candle slow to burn the wick;The curvature that’s well known to the touch —The slightest little turn that finally does the trick,The final gear … Continue reading "9 Love Poems – 9"

Lovers of the Free Earth

The earth was not set free, nor was our love, But those were daily foremost in our hearts; So if you judge results, we guilty be, But if you judge intent, we did our parts. Before mankind a sneering thing became, We sought to build within these, our ideals, As silly as it seems to … Continue reading "Lovers of the Free Earth"

when you were at your best

the world was yours to find, and long before someone like me happened across your path; (the young man worries, 'how could such things be?'; the old man smiles at each age of you) and this, this i embrace: this other time, this other world, this other view, and pure, the time of life-discovery and … Continue reading "when you were at your best"

in the frost – 3

The decorations taken down last night Before they watched another new year in; A year that had some sorrow, but no fight, No anger lingering in muddled din — The years like mile markers rolling by While fire blazes in the fireplace; A laughing whim, another show to try As space drifts into time drifts … Continue reading "in the frost – 3"

Another Life

In music, she can live another life, For sound is architecture, and ideal; It’s nature and it’s calm amid the strife Of all the world has come to make her feel. To make of chaos, beauty, order, love — To find in sorrow, comfort and release — To be beneath, within, and yet above, To … Continue reading "Another Life"

Sonnet on the Beach

Just past the places where we used to walk, Along the shore as evening fell in grace, There're still the echoes of our murmured talk And palm tree shadows once that touched your face. For dark though grows the water off the dock, And weary grows the heart that wonders why, Just past the places … Continue reading "Sonnet on the Beach"

I Wander Freely

I wander freely in and out of dreams Along a path where long ago we walked; By tires on long ropes, swung over streams, Where crickets chirped and frogs croaked as we talked – And as young lovers do, we also did. I loved the shy excitement of your eyes; Your quick’ning breath, as on … Continue reading "I Wander Freely"