your symbols…

you, full knowing of my pleasure,
showed me what your symbols meant;
took me to your buried treasure
neath your soft habiliment

hypnotizing and enticing
pastry spread across the floor;
had the wrapper, cake, and icing
just to find that you had more

led me down the spiral stairway
to the meal and bath in one;
in the rough and on the fairway
under wraps and thunder gun

hips and thighs and sheets and pillows
furniture most rarely used
curtains blowing gales and billows
members taut and glowing fuzed

how the scent of passion lingers
off our scales of one and ten
burning, to our toes and fingers
only to begin again

cast away in loving violence
limb and loin and groin and head
symbols written loud in silence
etched in sweat upon
my bed

couple, sitting

i’m not all boys, so i am not
the one who must have hurt you…

i’m not all boys, so i am not
the one who must have hurt you –
i’m honest, and i’m loyal, and
i would not just desert you

if you could see you through my eyes
i know that you would feel
that what i’m saying is the truth
and all of this is real

so try me out, we’ll take our time –
i know that you’ve been burned –
and that, for you to trust me is
a thing that must
be earned

= = = =

photo credit : © Godami | – SKETCH.The Couple. Photo

The Mistakes I Made

The mistakes I made were many
I gave you less than you needed
I asked from you things you didn’t really have to give
But I took nothing from you, in the end

You loved me as best you could
And I loved you the same way
But love couldn’t answer
In our case

For while we may be not be able to buy love
In this world
Love, itself, is unable to buy


How To Face

I saw her periodically,
But dreamed about her often;
In fantasies, I’d see her change,
Her yielding face to soften —

But this was all imagining.
She was no way attracted —
And all that I could really do’s
Control the way I acted.

It was a kind of walking shame,
One she had not invited,
But such is how our hearts are built,
To be in this way blighted,

Unfair and asymmetrical:
Attraction and affection —
And boys need one skill badly, that’s
In how to face


Somewhere In The Telling Lost

The sound, the image changed her world,
And so she tried to tell it me;
There was an ardor in her tale,
A passionate intensity —

But somewhere in the telling lost
The feel of heart, the blazing sun:
And through my eyes, she glimpsed the soul,
And knew that I was not

The one

Pillars of Rejection (4)

Okay. About the “friendzone”:
First, the terms unfortunate —
For it implies that friends are
Something terrible to get.

But I think I see well enough
What’s being gotten at —
It is about rejection,
Sometimes painful ones, at that.

So now, no matter who you are
It’s tough (you know it’s true!)
When you desire someone who
Does not desire you

And since rejection’s painful
One will say, “well let’s be friends.”
The other thinks, “this hurts too much.
I guess here’s where this ends.”

Don’t tell someone that you don’t want
They’re wrong for wanting you:
And if you are the rejectee
Might want to think this through —

Most important: don’t lash back.
It’s wrong to behave such:
Like you were never told when young
There’s stuff that you can’t touch.

Love’s freely given, or not there.
To deal with, takes some balls:
If you want to control folks, then
Go home
And play
With dolls