Standing in the stillness of the sunrise

Standing in the stillness of the sunrise. Mourning
  the loss of what she hoped to find
  that wasn’t meant to be —

But giving up the past is part of not suborning
  her loving heart to thinking that
  to settle’s to be free —

There is a place for looking back,
  there is a time for crying,
  and none of us is good enough,
  but most of us keep trying —

For everything is learning when you just keep going:
  the book you don’t get down again,
  but leave up on the shelf

Standing in the stillness of her heartbreak. Knowing
  she’s better off to feel this way,
  than not to be


Up close, we see

Up close, we see the flaws, I guess;
That doesn’t signify —
The world has changed, as weather does,
And so have you and I

But through life’s alterations, we
Have come — and come to this:
Up close, we see the flaws that love
Decides instead

To miss

Her Search

I watched her search, and wondered
What’s she looking for out there?
Across the fields, and through the woods,
She traveled with great care –

Until I felt her turn around,
And electricity —
When suddenly, I realized
She’d been looking
For me


(“Her Search” – 5-23-2017)

The Heavy Rain Is Gone

You wonder why I still seem “off”,
You thought we worked that through —
We did: but it will still take time
For me to be like new —

I know the storm has passed, but please
Remember this, always:
After the heavy rain is gone,
The waters roil

For days

Abiding Passion

There is abiding passion and
There is just passing lust
They’re hard to tell apart because
Each one can readjust

Our values and priorities
In moments such as this
Where all we knew or thought we knew
Is ended with a kiss

But for passion to last
The souls that have it must be whole
And capable of giving up
Desires to control

Abiding passion, passing lust
The same consuming thirst
We end up with the latter since
We cannot
The first