The Difference

When she gave up on love,
She went, instead, for me;
With older kinds of men,
There’s more security.

And so, she does the things,
And most guys wouldn’t mind it —
But I can tell the difference
When there’s no love

Behind it

Flowers Cannot Fix It

You have this dream, that she’ll be there
At dinnertime tonight
And, if you make it perfect
Everything will be alright

But flowers cannot fix it
Cannot make this dream come true:
Don’t worry friend, she’ll smile again —
But it won’t be

With you

A Dating Story

We walked along pretending
That we, too, owned boats.
We each barely owned shoes,
But we looked good, we thought:
For our particular brand of penury
Has never hurt the young.

She was very blonde, her family
Swedish, but her skin looked like
It didn’t care for sun that much.
She wore a hat, her blonde hair blowing
Everywhere around its edges, and
Behind her sunglasses.

I was bright in my array, and
Proud of who I walked with, although
Perhaps it wasn’t as rare an occurrence
For her as I might have thought at the time.
No matter: she was with me, when she was,
And there we were.

We split a Coke late in the day,
With change I’d found in the sofa cushions,
And rode my old car back to town,
Where I dropped her off so she could get ready
To go to work at the theater.

If you are wondering why
Our particular date didn’t really have anything like
Events in it, so did I, after almost every date.

But as stories go,
It has at least the merit
Of being true

that day, perfect

that day, perfect,
scent of roses,
autumn gentle,
leaves a carpet,
she in pink, and i
in the park,
a light breeze blowing,
words all heard, and
newness piercing,
bits of smile,
growing laughter,
hands first touching,
soft and glowing,
dogs out watching,
trees all knowing
what’s to come and
what’s to be,
moments felt

that day, stillness,
walking, aimless,
universe on us
seemed focused,
distant voices
all seemed joyful,
studying the leaves
our hobby,
in the park expanse
dancing manners,
first respect and
halting planners,
every detail
still i see —
times you feel