For years now, I have loved her Somewhat imperfectly; We live and share a space, but have Our times of sparsity, When there is not that much to give, And even less to make: We do go on together, though, To overtake The problems that attend our lives Are such as all may see: The … Continue reading "Overtake"

interconnected (viii)

a mother's loss, a praying friend, both love and grief are without end but all you have is what you are; and being near can take you far

friends parted with

a day done, and friends parted with -- a night comes. togetherness brings comfort and the ache of goodbyes

Her Thoughts

He's supposed to touch and make you feel The love he promised he would give. Between the real and the ideal Is where you've found a place to live So close to the periphery Still waiting on delivery. You both said things you meant to do, At least, that's what you thought it meant: But … Continue reading "Her Thoughts"

Filling Station

OnceA woman and her husbandStopped at this place She, eight months with childHe, thinking about walking outAnd the drive had been a tense oneOld wounds reopenedFresh hurts on display And an old couple was thereAt the same timeLaughing while they pumped gasThey asked her when the baby was due She said, “One month.” The old … Continue reading "Filling Station"

Falling, In Love

[Originally posted May, 2018. 30 days of prose, day 10. – Owen] Falling in love is like stepping off of a flying airplane; them loving you back would be the parachute. But that parachute doesn’t always open. Splat. Love in relationships always comes with risk. We can’t know what others are really thinking, and we … Continue reading "Falling, In Love"

By The Waters of Loneliness

It’s cold out here but worse inside.And I have got no answers –I hurt for you, my love, my pride,But I have got no answers. Still — I wish I was a healer whoCould mend relationships, and doA magic spell to patch our pastAnd you and I would soon outlastThe couples passing by, who’d seeOur … Continue reading "By The Waters of Loneliness"