i only once

i only once
beside you once
inside you once
then grieved you once

and in a thrice
the tears of twice,
in days of ice
believed you once

for every once
i should have once
but lost you once
for i'm
a dunce

© Andriy Bezuglov | Dreamstime.com – Girl in red hood

The World Sits Veiled

(Originally published August 2014. – Owen)

I say the words I mean to say;
But often, there are more words than there is meaning

For some of us, things are much harder than words
And relationships are even harder than things

I have a hard time untying even simple knots,
And I can’t fix things that are broken;
I don’t understand the people I know,
And I don’t understand myself when I’m around them

Music I can understand
Mathematics makes sense to me
Poetry speaks directly to me
But the world sits veiled
And silent

Where Beauty Is

Where beauty is, and happy was,
Alas – the world has broken, too:
I did the best I could, but it
Was nowhere near enough for you

The good we do, the bad we say,
These all lay jumbled in a mess;
But still, there’s perfume in the air,
And bits of pain and loneliness,

And else that desperation bears.
We all know love’s negation —
Where beauty is, the silence reigns
For love’s forgone

Up close, we see

Up close, we see the flaws, I guess;
That doesn’t signify —
The world has changed, as weather does,
And so have you and I

But through life’s alterations
We have come — and come to this:
Up close, we see the flaws that love
Decides instead
To miss

Across the Room

“… to want someone, something that you don’t have …”

Across the Room

Across the room, I see you, and I don’t.
For somewhere else, your mind is at this time;
And I will ask, although I know you won’t
Say anything is wrong. No, all is fine —

Yes, all is fine within this perfect mess,
For you’re resigned to your unhappiness;
Across the room, the man that you might see
Has met no hope, fulfilled no fantasy —

But he’s not mean, or bad, so you feel wrong.
The lack you feel’s no wound, and there’s no salve:
To want someone, something that you don’t have,
And dream of other lives; all day to long —

And I’ve done all of this to you, I see:
So go on, then.
                                  Let go.
                                                  I set you