archetypes (3)

that night, they celebrated by
a few good drinks, a long good cry,
and sharing something like a bed
when they should have gone home, instead.

that morning, they surveyed the mess
that’s born of gin-and-loneliness,
from separate vantage points and hearts
that knew the fits that come

with starts


How hard the moments are, in life,
When we are vulnerable, exposed;
The doors which we approach, concerned
That we’ll forever find them closed

How strange the heart. It strives and yearns
For others: striving, yearning, too;
The look that freezes, touch that burns —
To strive is all that we can do

Because we know the chance is there
To turn the troubled times to glad:
And we can’t know today when there
Will be no other chances

To be had

couple, leaning

you tell me that you’re diff’rent and
you’re not like other guys;
that is what all guys always say,
so far, it’s all been lies

but, hey – you laid on the line,
i guess that i will, too —
you go the speed i say we’ll go,
and i’ll spend time with you

but you will have to prove to me
that this ain’t all for fun:
if you’re just in it for the hunt
i swear
i’ll break
your gun

MIssed Connection

He liked her
And she liked him
But —

She was afraid
Of being used physically
By a man
Who wasn’t really interested in her
She thought:
That’s just what men do

He was afraid
Of being used emotionally
By a woman
Who wasn’t really interested in him
He thought:
That’s just what women do

And they each interpreted the other’s actions
As proving their own theories

Even though they both liked each other

5 Times 5

One last time:
She was the maid-of-honor, I
Was organist.
She stopped to ask me
How I’d been since graduation, she
Was now engaged, the wedding in a year.

But I’d been sick, and she
Could tell, much thinner, covered up in clothes,
As summer wedding: no real time for layers.

“You don’t look well,” she said.
“I haven’t been.”
“Can I ask what’s wrong?”
“If they knew, then I would, too.”

Out on the deck, beside the bay,
Just minutes from the fishing bridge,
But I recall like yesterday
Her, wearing that red hat.

I got an invitation later, but
Poor health prevented me
From going to her wedding, or
To work, or anywhere at all.

There is no moral to this story:
She moved on, and so did I,
And slowly age will cover up
These times we shared,

For all they were

Were times

5 Times 4

It ended; she’d met someone else,
And I was not that broken up.
It turns out he was there, out at
Her parents’.

A neighbor, in her old hometown,
Marine now, tall and rangy guy —
And we were friends again,
The way that goes.

I’d see her: music theory class,
Her headphones on, as
Beautiful as ever, but,
I too had felt something lacking, it was weird.

I should have moped, and raged, and stormed;
Instead, I dated someone else,
Who I liked far, far better
Within weeks.

Relationships, like interviews
Turn into something, or they don’t.
This one lasted several months, then
Died its death, and

No one really mourned

5 Times 3

I walked into her parents’ house just
Two days after Christmas;
I’d made the strange four hour drive
To see her in that place —

Her parents were the sweetest, nicest people.
I was her “new boyfriend”
And I met fifty relatives, it felt like;
All these names and faces, it was quite bewildering.

And later, after dinner, we
Sat down beside the Christmas tree;
She told me I looked tired, and
We went up to a room

Where I would soon be sleeping.
We had never slept together;
I know it’s not that cool, but
It’s my truth, and so I tell it here.

Then when we kissed goodnight, I felt
A longing in her, something new;
I didn’t and I couldn’t guess
What she was thinking, but

I soon found out