… just a stretch

It’s just a stretch of road, whereon
They sat in silence as they drove,
Detaching all their dreams
To place on others

A snowy bit of wide expanse,
A blank and empty canvas, where
Each painted, with their thoughts,
A different pairing

Through Colorado, long and cold,
Hostility in tacitness,
Imaginations running free
And wild

How simple all of it could be,
So perfect in simplicity,
It is right there, in reach, it’s
Just a stretch

Scraped the Surface

His was a major role, he thought,

And hers, a minor part;

She only scraped the surface, but

She somehow hit the heart.


For moments kill – or right ones do –

And she was quite momentous;

And all his gold excuses proved

To be abject, horrendous


She was omega to his alpha,

Tinder to his coal —-

She only scraped the surface, but

She somehow nicked

The soul

followings: 9

the light can change,
we see things differently.
what was and wasn’t
meant to be.

but i know this:
you left me still a man,
and though there’s little else
i understand,

i wish you well
wherever you might be,
for light can change
those few things we
can see