Christmas Party 1954

The people in the old days didn’t know
Their days were old. They thought that they were new.
And they were right of course. It goes to show
How prejudiced we can be, me and you

We make a noise of saying all the time
We shouldn’t judge based on each other’s looks:
Then laugh at these old pictures thoughtlessly,
And cover-judge, not having read the books

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2 Thoughts to “Christmas Party 1954

  1. It’s always hip, chic, and ironic in a vacuous trendy way to mock pre-60’s social mores…

    But it was a more stable and safer time to grow up. Great poem.

  2. I looked at the photo and was dismayed that I could only wonder which of those guys (uh, or women) had a big ol’ Harley in the garage, and which was the most risqué woman, who the Lothario might be.. cripe, I’m probably gonna have to get a life.

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