early morning on the train tracks

setting out to sightsee breaking out of boredom met by misty morning aching antemortem dim the destination dark the track we travel limited our license larks unreel, unravel

snapshot: bench in autumn

september, ending up like a story that lost steam in about the fourth chapter, but which you felt obligated to finish, since time, like other investments, stays adhered to our attention

snapshot: hotel room

there is no more this emptiness where once your lips on mine to blend how far we’d reach how deep we’d long the details we would each attend but none of that is all of this and all of this i must confess is neat and clean and orderly and folded down like loneliness

Narrative Walls

Down avenues of narrative We made our narrow way, We ended where we knew we would At close of day. Outside the world is quiet now, No other views professed: For walls protect the narrative And bar the rest

Sketches – 80

{Looking up from a book she’s picked up off the shelf} So… how much longer? We should be out of the condo And back here in six weeks Wasn’t it originally supposed to be — Eight weeks, yes. That was in March. Then Covid I’ve missed this place Yeah, it’s been weird. It’s just been … Continue reading "Sketches – 80"

Sketches – 79

I turned out to be a beautiful day It finally feels like Fall! About time Yeah, the Summer, like most of 2020, Has kinda outstayed its welcome No lie… I just got a text. Hmmm. Did you know there was going to be A presidential election this year? Seems like I’d heard Something about it, … Continue reading "Sketches – 79"

Sketches – 78

[The following conversation took place a few years ago. – Owen] So why did you decide to come out here to work? I don’t know. Being home was getting to me You’ve been seeming kind of depressed I am. I’m a little lost, professionally Explain Being in the arts is… very precarious. No matter how … Continue reading "Sketches – 78"