Snapshot – Forest Sunset

The sun is setting full behind the treesIts rays like arms that reach up in the skyThen slowly start to fade out by degreesAs crickets sing an evening lullabyWith frogs that you can also hear nearbyAnd wind and cars to finish the refrainSo put down everything that's gone awryLet go of all your sorrows and … Continue reading "Snapshot – Forest Sunset"


He thought they’d had, for them, A quite good day. He took the garbage out Before she asked, complimented Her on the new hair style, and Listened for some time after Inquiring as to her day He tried to make eye contact as She was taking unusable things out If the refrigerator and moving them … Continue reading "Recoiled"


I observed this while waiting to check into a hotel.

A Bittersweet Memory

She felt the river take her back To when her days were young: When lights along the fireplace And Christmas tree were hung When somehow tears began to flow From secret, aching wells: The promised magic she once knew In harmony And bells

early morning on the train tracks

setting out to sightsee breaking out of boredom met by misty morning aching antemortem dim the destination dark the track we travel limited our license larks unreel, unravel

snapshot: bench in autumn

september, ending up like a story that lost steam in about the fourth chapter, but which you felt obligated to finish, since time, like other investments, stays adhered to our attention

snapshot: hotel room

there is no more this emptiness where once your lips on mine to blend how far we’d reach how deep we’d long the details we would each attend but none of that is all of this and all of this i must confess is neat and clean and orderly and folded down like loneliness