Rain Out On the Garden Path

The day was wet, and I stayed in,
The rain out on the garden path,
A brand new book I could begin,
Then stare out at the aftermath.

For I was wise when ten of years,
And I could solve all mysteries —
My future still held all careers,
With no chagrin, and no disease.

The book was good, I read it long,
Into the windy, rainy night;
A copy still sits on my shelf,
And on its face, I see the light

Of many years and hopes ago,
When dreams were all of would and can,
And rain out on the garden path
Foretold a person who
I’ve never

Snapshot: Passing By A Woman In The Hotel Lobby

I saw her waiting in the lobby
Nervously, expectantly;
Looking out the giant window
Framed by its immensity

Who she was I do not know, and
Never will, now, I suppose:
But the seekers, lookers, waiters —
I belong
To such
As those


(“Snapshot: Passing By A Woman In The Hotel Lobby” – 12-10-2014)

Snapshot: In A Historical Market

So much to learn, so much to know,
So many places we can go,
The future and the past combine,
Into a thing human – divine –

So much to see, so much to hear,
A world, once far away, that’s near,
So much to feed a heart and brain,
While we still dwell on what’s mundane

Snapshot: First Impression

A moment tinged with wariness,
A sense that danger’s coming near;
A feeling that she can’t express,
A vague, but unrelenting, fear –

She sees a face she loves and knows:
Her sister smiling, drawing close,
So tries her unnamed dread to stay
And meet her sister’s fiancée