Saturday Night Delight

Behind the BK, there’s a spot
Where three old men sit, drinking;
They laugh at folks who drive-thru with
Their turning lights still blinking.

They look on as I search for change.
I know they’re wondering, too —-
‘Cause search for change is something that
They’d never

The Pines

Among the pines we walked; we were in love –
The sun was streaming through the boughs above –
Our hands were clasped together by our sides
Out in the place where happiness resides

And even breathing did intoxicate
Us, stopping constantly, to share a kiss;
The moments between moments seemed so great –
The shining sun looked down on all of this

Just peeking through the pines to see us there –
Two soon-doomed lovers, as he knew we were:
So thoughtlessly we wandered, me and her,
Two lovers in the morning forest air

And though, this sonnet now, I may enshrine:
He pines the most, who lives but to repine

(“The Pines” – 7-21-2015)

Snapshot: Passing By A Woman In The Hotel Lobby

I saw her waiting in the lobby
Nervously, expectantly;
Looking out the giant window
Framed by its immensity

Who she was I do not know, and
Never will, now, I suppose:
But the seekers, lookers, waiters —
I belong
To such
As those


(“Snapshot: Passing By A Woman In The Hotel Lobby” – 12-10-2014)

… turn your head and look.

You turn your head and look –
  the moment’s gone;
But memories, like pictures,
  linger on –

The glories of the journey,
  bright, and pure:
The stories of a heart
  that’s still unsure –

But still, we put them out there –
  and we should —
Those moments where we turn to look,
  and all
                  is good

Snapshot: In A Historical Market

So much to learn, so much to know,
So many places we can go,
The future and the past combine,
Into a thing human – divine –

So much to see, so much to hear,
A world, once far away, that’s near,
So much to feed a heart and brain,
While we still dwell on what’s mundane