Autumn’s Children

Slowly, leaning slightly, shuffling
Two together, down a gentle incline
Towards the lake. The shadows
Break the field, as autumn welcomes
Two of its own children to its midst.

Love: it grows and changes,
Leaving things behind it didn’t need
And focused on the future,
Emerging fresh from seasons past,
And reaching less for speed than for

Each other

it’s just some light

it’s just some light
reflected on a hill;
but it’s enough
to bend my mind and will
from where it was
to where it’s meant to be:
exactly how is still
a mystery

it’s just some light,
some trees, a set of stairs —
but it’s enough
to take me unawares
upon a journey inward
towards the heart:
it’s just some light,
but Lord knows

it’s a start

Morning Friend

Just sitting by the sea.

A morning friend by me
Just sitting by the sea;
I do not know where all she’s been,
As she does not know me

As lives are circumspect,
And fortunes sometimes wreck’d,
We find here on this sandy wet
Our brief lives intersect

My morning friend and I
Just watch the waves go by:
Before the day that I must trudge
And she, in turn,
Must fly

Snapshot: In Truman Park

Love, I watched you leave last noon:
A silence over Truman Park —
Yet all the dignities were kept,
In almost-reverence

Yes, love, I watched you leave out there;
A passer-by who happ’d to see
A type of wrenching, grasping grief —
A silent severance —

But is there only ever this?
The long hello, the short goodbye —
But is there only ever this?
The too-late, and the why —

Oh,love, I watched you leave last noon:
A drifter-through, a silent ghost,
Who felt the touch of empty hopes
From those who learned to love