The Pride of Lucy

Lucy sat out in the sun In cold and clear September; She modeled for us her new life, I always will remember The pride she wore upon her face As she soaked in the rays; Not knowing pills and Crystal Head Would soon cut short her days. The pride of Lucy, young and full Of … Continue reading "The Pride of Lucy"

Bed Space

So many more will sleep upon this bed, And most will live to see a better day; But this – this was your final place to rest Before the sleep of death took you away   You’d reconciled yourself in recent times, Though Lord knows how, you found peace with the past — This little … Continue reading "Bed Space"

The Lonely Night

The lonely night is never done; It stretches on, in endless wake – And closes in with memories And dreams, beneath a constant ache To walk upon the haunted earth, To lie upon a sleepless bed, To hope for nothing but the dark, And pray that┬áslumber’s┬ájust ahead – But restless, rising up to go, To … Continue reading "The Lonely Night"

Death Among the Stars

The slow empty reaches of space Endless deep and death-cold silent   The stars of a child’s first wish Form now a twinkling gossamer web Trapping its helpless and struggling prey

Graveyard Walk

Light, the leaves beneath my feet Soft and silent is the way; There among the many who Walked the paths of yesterday Cool, blows Autumn on the air Through the paths and stones I thread; To take counsel with my thoughts There among the vaulted dead Those, there are who morbid call Graveyard roaming such … Continue reading "Graveyard Walk"


He’d heard that shoes could make the man. And so he chose them, carefully: To show his mastery and span Of wide parts of society But one day, when he had to go, He left one here, to long decay; It’s empty of its context now, And baldly shorn of its cachet For things that … Continue reading "Shoes"

The Show Goes On

The show goes on; the dead have played their part. But still we wait for one more cue, or line: Those ne’er said words that we have known by heart, And memorized, as though a valentine That we will never feel in hand, or see. The looked for, listened for, and waited on That will … Continue reading "The Show Goes On"