Woods On Fire

(From an experience a friend of mine had many years ago. - Owen)


I know the names Of my patrilineal line All the way back to 1650 My father His father His father’s father And so forth But while I have their DNA Or genetic structure Or blood Or whatever today’s science says I have of theirs To me, now, they’re mostly just Symbols Letters on a page … Continue reading "Symbols"


  “Life’s like this,” He said to her, “Our heart’s are constant yearning. We come, we go We ebb, we flow Until there’s no Returning.”

daylight tulips

She felt joy In daylight tulips Beyond reach Seen through a window From a bed She would never leave Known to few As years receded Fading fire Flowers that shone, like Other days And graceful moments So sang the meadow A mom in shadow

Run The Dunes

The days that we would run the dunes Until the sun sank low; Those timeless, breathless afternoons So free of care and woe The nights beside the ocean as The stars came out to shine; No other spot in mem’ry has A feel so anodyne As just to know, now that your gone, That we … Continue reading "Run The Dunes"