another great wall

in disrepair, neglected,
emptied out of much of value,
a part of town where you and i
don’t go

in corners made for sitting,
and in windows stark and glaring,
a couple of chip wrappers and
some blow

in kindergarten, once, there were
some gold stars and a ribbon,
a child disremembered
and abjured

in disrepair, neglected,
emptied out of much of value,
beside a wall where nothing is

except that minutes
have to be


now, about my dream

you said you had a dream we met;
a thing we just might do, one day.

though in my dream, it was at night…

a misty, rainy sort of night,
but in a well-lit city park
that kept the midnight far from dark,
and where i called you by your name,
and you embraced me as a friend,
and all the world was wet with tears

for things and places torn and gone,
for dreams that lawyers take away,
for hopes left up on doctor’s shelves,
and cold gray rooms that some romanticize —

but all of that, we didn’t say,
because we knew the other knew,
and lives are rooms behind locked doors,
though our words may be keys…

and then you spoke, although
your words were song;
the misty park dissolved
before too long,
and i awoke, not knowing what
you said,
but with your music
still inside
my head

It’s Easy

He took her to a fancy place
Where every wish was plied;
He watched her on the table there,
Her smile pure, and wide –

She thought this man was everything
And all this, bona fide:
It’s easy to seem – anything –
When there’s no one

She stretched out on a lovely bed
And let her passion go,
Perhaps she knew him better than
Someone like me could know

A game inside the game became
Her favorite undertaking —
It’s easy to believe the lies
When they’re of your
Own making


For love, she’d waited all this time,
Her dignity and heart intact;
She kept on through the lonely while,
Though the odds seemed stacked —

But now she’s met someone, she says,
Who holds her, and the truth, both — fast —
And isn’t love magnificent
The day it finds your door
At last

A Morning Dance

I see her every morning at the gym

And because I’ve never tried to talk to her

We’ve become friends


I stood aside for her to enter the gym this morning;

She aimed a friendly smile at me as she walked by –

An exchange of manners


So much social interaction seems to be

Knowing the steps,

Rather than knowing any words