Dreaming The Rain

I was dreaming the rain Would shelter families Like ours, that were drowning Because expecting help From what is hurting you Is human, indeed


My children grew up, but Left their voices Still echoing in the backyard

My Sister

This is my sister, about To leave home, And have a happy 1972   Photographs are strange, Making the old young again And time reverse —   I remember well that car That very day And that lost leaf driveway   My older sister Radiant with her new hope Like summer itself

tea with memories

tea with memories, a pause, not for transmission, but for resealing the pain

waves and flowers

waves and flowers both come predictably, and yet we’re still surprised

On Fads

The fad of Mocking fads shows no sign Of going anywhere


The questions I once asked Now need answering; But answering’s harder than asking