Missing the Man

I found myself missing the man today, because
Every once in a while, I forget he died.
If that sounds crazy to you, don’t worry,
One day you’ll understand.

Part of us never leaves the denial stage:
About grief, or anything else.
That’s part of what fiction is all about:
Saying “no” to reality, with gusto.

I remember once, going to his house
While he was grilling and telling stories.
His steaks weren’t great, but his stories
Were always sensational,
And always emotional.

I found myself missing the man today, because
Life is a very long canyon, and love
Never stops echoing in it.

Two Like Us

The city shapes make up your world

The way that country roads do mine;

But we can brush together ‘neath

The common stars that peek and shine


At two like us, so far away;

So different in our ways and miens —

With you, among cement and kale,

And me amid dirt roads, and

Collard greens

– this grief –

the lightest hand across your back,
or held within a deep embrace;
if i could join you in this grief,
i’d cross the coldest depths of any space

i know the light and dark are mixed,
our longest times are still so brief;
and though my love is poor, at best,
i’ll give you all i have to help this grief

the light and dark are mixed and we
must hide our eyes as at our birth;
but let me be a shield for you
if only for a moment on this earth —
if only for a moment on
this earth

Nothing Beats Friends

Summer goes, and summer evenings
Sometimes wander aimlessly;
Takes us back to years and places,
Timeless, easy, young, and free –

So much that we lose for loving,
All the obstacles time sends —
    But there is nothing, nothing
    That beats friends.

Growing up and on together,
Still in moments motion made,
Necks that know all kinds of weather,
Favorite shirts that tear and fade –

So much that we gain for giving,
Sorrow shared, its own amends —
    For there is nothing, nothing
    That beats friends.

  Call upon the years to blossom,
  Playing date and playing ‘possum,
  Hopeful scholars, bashful truants,
  Brides-to-be and honor students

Eyes that shine with tears of gladness,
In the moments in-between;
Shoulders used in shades of sadness,
Love that breaks the quarantine

Losing, gaining, laughing, grieving,
Here, through all the fads and trends —
    Yes, there is nothing, nothing
    That beats friends —

    No, there is nothing, nothing
    That beats friends.

Diaries of Another Summer (5)

His girlfriend had a sister,
She’d join us at the pool;
That might have been pool water,
Or might have been his drool

I watched them every weekend,
And saw the slide begin;
It’s bad to mix up summertime,
Hot sisters, and
Sloe gin