Three Hours – 3 PM

WHEN the rain goes by, the smell still hangs heavy, like an entrusted secret; sweet, like cracking voices still singing fresh where the polychrome bends YOU gave me a glimpse of your hidden heart: the clouds still passing, and the rain still falling, yet the grain still waving in your changing eyes MAGICAL, like the … Continue reading "Three Hours – 3 PM"

I’m Really Glad You’re Happy

I’m really glad you’re happy I’ve worried about you I know we’re very different The things we’ve each been through For trouble’s lined your pathway With much that was not good; And decisions that you’ve made I never really understood But I have always loved you That’s unlikely to cease; I’m really glad you’re happy … Continue reading "I’m Really Glad You’re Happy"

Common Thoughts #6 – Friends

There is an age where boys and girls are friends Before the madness comes, in puberty; When differences do not seem so remote Acceptance is their common currency...

our tree

we ran along the meadow, and climbed up in our tree; there’d never been two other friends like you and me. but we grew up and sideways, and dreamed of other fields — the friends and trees we leave behind while each still yields

regrets, like the ocean

her regrets, like the ocean in their immensity and constant turmoil surrounded both of us – far too real to be ignored because i loved her, i left her ocean undisturbed; because i love her, i offer only my acceptance we who live live with imperfect knowledge; we cannot know outcomes there we sat, surrounded … Continue reading "regrets, like the ocean"

Alsatian Dreams

Another restless night, up and down, up and down. When sleep finally came, images and stories poured in like floodwater. There’s a girl with a bicycle in a field in France; it is August – August, 1939.  The war is just about to start, but she can’t know that yet. I know her in my … Continue reading "Alsatian Dreams"


I wonder if you ever knew How much I loved and envied you; Each move you made so effortless, Your carefree natural blessedness That I resented foolishly, Despite how you believed in me. For though my heart’s a universe, It has black holes in it — and worse — So now, upon the crest of … Continue reading "Forgiveness"

Diaries of Another Summer (5)

His girlfriend had a sister, She’d join us at the pool; That might have been pool water, Or might have been his drool I watched them every weekend, And saw the slide begin; It’s bad to mix up summertime, Hot sisters, and Sloe gin