I wonder if you ever knew
How much I loved and envied you;
Each move you made so effortless,
Your carefree natural blessedness

That I resented foolishly,
Despite how you believed in me.
For though my heart’s a universe,
It has black holes in it — and worse —

So now, upon the crest of time,
I see the separation
I caused by my inveterate
And weak self-immolation —

But silent now the river runs,
I view it, somber, gray and tired:
Forgiveness I can’t ask for, since
You’re now where none’s


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One thought to “Forgiveness”

  1. This poems speaks volumes. In the beginning, I thought the person this was written to is at fault, but no. It’s not like that. Wow, thank you for writing this and sharing!

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