In Search of Riches

He went in search of riches In custom-tailored suits, He grew close to the bottom-line And refereed disputes Until he was the one in charge, His words consulted orbs, His name appearing in the crawl, On CNN, in Forbes -- And though he touches time and space He still his old home visits To feel … Continue reading "In Search of Riches"

A Mountain Made of Stone

She's always chewed her cuticles, Her fingernails, her fears -- She stays in, trapped within a cage Made up of whims and years -- And now, a mountain made of stone In front of her is rising; She's lost touch with the earth inside, The whole thing's not Surprising


At just eighteen, her shoulders start to droop: The drudgery of sub shop artistry’s Been rubbing off some of her natural shine, But hasn’t punctured all her buoyancy. I look, and wonder, at her haunted eyes, The father in me, I guess, coming out In wanting to be kind to her, some way: Some type … Continue reading "Elizabeth"


the seeing and the seer: they always make a pair. the truths we know are ours alone, for no one else is there of mortal lineage to see what our eyes may take in: the seeing and the seer, that's all that's ever been


duplicity takes strength of will; a waste of strength, if you ask her, she's open now for all to see, no strategies to unmask her are needed. forthright in her heart, and in her actions, mind, and soul, she'll face the day straightforwardly, and know both what she can and can't control


Girl: to learn and grow, she stretches, reaching for each feeling new; colors chosen, filled in sketches, who to be, now -- what to do? Woman: young, but strong in purpose, meaning, and significance -- no tolls paid for roads wide open, no subtractions for no difference

The Friend-Seeker

SHE longed for friends, but had been burned, as sometimes girls in packs are cruel; she cautiously reached out again, connection, for her heart, was fuel BUT love and friendship come with risk: the careless slights that still leave marks, and flashes of vindictiveness with flecks of her own blood among the sparks

A Friendly Cat

He's always been a friendly cat, He's happy in his shrinking skin: For each new color in his day, Another miracle has been Awakened in his whirling mind. Each thought, a happy habitat -- He loves the world, the world loves him, For he's a Friendly cat

Born to Explore…

Born to explore Fed to endure Meant to do more Taught to be sure Curious kid Raised up to fall Sad in his house now Knowing It all