The Image of Ineptitude

The image of ineptitude,
The picture of uncouth,
A maladroit incompetence
Grown fine and strong since youth —

The ideal of ungainliness,
An overflowing lack —
The image of ineptitude,
And total dearth
Of knack

Picture credit : Yung Chao Chen

Love the Moment, Feel the Wind

Love the moment, feel the wind,
Make believe you never sinned,
Saying words you can’t rescind —
Love the moment, feel the wind.

Wear your glamor like a prize,
Wrap it all in silk and lies,
Interlaced with alibis —
Wear your glamor like a prize.

Once, you were a fair man’s daughter,
Now you lead the weak to slaughter,
Laughing, leaping, like an otter,
Preening for the watching eyes —

Love the moment, feel the wind,
None of this on you gets pinned,
You the ranks firsthand have thinned —
Love the moment, feel
The wind

An Angry Kind of Love

They had an angry kind of love
That would erupt in passion;
They lived their dream or nightmare, then,
According to that fashion.

The picture looks so innocent:
A moonlit night for lovers —
But words of hatred always beat
What happens under