“The Thing in Itself”

She first escaped at twenty-three. A bicycle, a battered van, A life that she could taste, because She sampled it, at her own pace and where. She felt the wind upon her neck, And her own tongue within her mouth, The ache of stretching, working limbs That carried her the whither she would go. A … Continue reading "“The Thing in Itself”"

swallowed silence

she swallowed silence as a child -- fed it, daily, as a rule -- this was all she ever knew: friends, and family, and school. hers, a place to watch and serve; hers, a role to be the dream until the swallowed silence built into a long, unbroken scream

An Open Heart

She spreads her arms to hug the world; It glances, then it passes by. Her open heart has many wounds From slights and cruelty's goodbye And meanness to a loving soul. But she won't choose a different fate: For love is all she really knows And she will not cave in To hate

Yenay (i)

she tells me that she loves the day, the feel of sunlight on her skin, the energy within each breath she tells me she tells me and i sit marveling in thought outside myself within that mind are still more levels still more depth and wondering and wondering i watch as she her day attends … Continue reading "Yenay (i)"

The Written World

She dreams within a written world Of all she could take in and be; A vision calm, cerulean Along a shore in Tuscany The written world, in which she finds Adventure, romance, and an end To all of her anxieties And scars that never really seem To mend

Character Sketch #95

It’s strange: she never has been wrong, But never feels quite right — She will not rest one place for long, But always stays the night. She’s nervous and she’s anxious, yet She’s confident as hell — She’ll tell you that she’s fine, and yet She’s never all that well. She is a non-believer in … Continue reading "Character Sketch #95"

afters (6)

he was one of those who'd rather die than not be young: he got his wish. he was my friend back in the times when i had very few. what is so ironic is that someone who loved living so much could have embraced death so easily. but people live behind veils and walls, and … Continue reading "afters (6)"


And maybe hope is all that's real. Like love done versus love we feel, I think hope, though it sounds absurd, Is really more an action word Than how it typically is used. I've seen it, so, don't get confused: In Esperanza, stately, tall I've seen how hope wins over all, In how she can, … Continue reading "Esperanza"

it didn’t really matter, did it?

she was the fix that he had to have, he was the habit she couldn't break; love started out with these feelings, true, then it became just a thing to make everything ends where it didn't start, ground ever shifting beneath our feet: theirs was a love that would never end, another stunning unforeseen defeat