i wrestled in my bed with sweat and demons as madness tore into my febrile mind the burning from inside that brooks no pretense the loneliness that’s always there to find across a rope-bridge chasm you were staring amid a blaze of red and wild face but no amount of shouting broke the silence and … Continue reading ""

The Magic Window

= = = = = | = = = = = The light is gone, and nothing’s right, Another wastrel of a day — Come join me, and we’ll get away, And take the magic window into night For dreams of childhood remain; Of distant lands and shining seas — We’ll go and do whate’er … Continue reading "The Magic Window"

* the fiery river *

he works in gray and granite and numbers without end, he plans across the planet as dividends descend. the world is colorless and flat, of surfaces and corners — of businessmen who live and die, but seem to leave no mourners. he closes then his midday eyes to join a world that’s only his… across … Continue reading "* the fiery river *"

Old Poem, Age 8

I wish I could be like the leaves And simply blow away, For then I wouldn’t have to go To school again today. The teacher always yells at me, And says I do things wrong — I think I’ve got a complex, or I will have, before long. I wish it was still summer, so … Continue reading "Old Poem, Age 8"

I Dreamed You Dreamed

I dreamed you dreamed that we had met Upon a sullen, empty day, Spent mostly with Pinocchio, A place where young kids used to play Upon your forehead lay your wrist For afternoons you’d strike a pose ; I dreamed you dreamed in riddles; yes — And so do I now, I Suppose

The Grove

I woke. My people turned to trees. Then wondered, if I had the chance Could I, too, with the cold winds learn   to dance?   It is the grove that gives us life. The sun, the soil that we share, The tears of those who watch o’erhead,   their left-by mulch, subconsciously aware — … Continue reading "The Grove"