The Corner of My Dreams

Come see me down the corner of my dreams:
Past open fields, and hills, and flowing streams —
Out on the sandy shore, beside the sea,
Come share the floating sky, the mystery —

The ecstasy is such all words defy;
The wind is ours: to catch, and rise above —
For we were made for dreams, and then to fly:
To hear the sound, and know the feel

Of love

She Loved You Once

She loved you once, when you were young,
Ere life had weighed you down;
You dream about it all the time,
And lately you have found

You’re restless in your waking mind:
In flashes now you see
The sunsets of a different life
That never came to be.

And though you travel far, you know,
From night to bitter day,
She loved you once, when you were young,
And you threw that


Last night, I had a vivid dream.

I was a place I’ve never been.

But honor lived there yet, intact,

And still within the reach of men,


And women, too, who were alike,

Though diff’rent looking; young and old,

In seeking truth and fairness, through

The stabbing pain of constant cold.


A place of right for those who had been wronged:

A me, not really sure that I


An Untoward December

I dream in silence, dream of running children,
Of you, the way you were so long ago;
So long ago, some untoward December,
The cold before the falling of the snow.
You’re going faster, up and towards the mound —
The film is running, running without sound

There is no taste or scent, there’s only vision;
The colors are bedimmed, to black-and-white,
You turn, excited, asking me to chase you,
And in my dream, I’m ready for the flight —
For though the scene is silent, I’m assured
By how you looked, of what had been your word.

With travels great, word-billions said,
Somehow, there lives within my head,
A vision, like a silent show:
A place I was a hundred lives ago —

I dream in silence, dream of us as children,
Of you and I out running in the fields,
Out in the fields of untoward December,
Before our hearts constructed all these shields —
For though the world grows old and taut with violence,
I still remember you within
The silence

Photo credit : ID 72579129 Vadim Zakharishchev |

Enemy’s Border

He loved her with a desperate hope.


He loved her with a desperate hope
That made of him a mess —
He looked for every little sign;
She could not have cared less.

His dreams beset him in the night,
He’d win, whate’er the cost:
He told her how their life would go,
She told him to
Get lost

a scarf of gray

I dreamed you…

i dreamed you wore a scarf of gray
a cap and jacket both of black
we walked out in a field of snow
behind us left a sodden track

our breath was steaming in the air
you turned your head, your eyes met mine
you said you knew this was my dream
because it was
so asinine

For All That Dreamers Dream

… there is a cost.

For those who know, the quiet’s like a salve;
A balm to soothe the aching, wounded soul –
A therapeutic that is there to have
Whenever life or liars leave a hole

A whole entire world of wondrous sights
Will open up for those who scale the heights –
Upon the wind of solitude to soar;
The nadir and the apex – what they’re for –

For all that dreamers dream, there is a cost:
The peace that’s needed, just to take in breath –
The separation that is part of death –
The death that is the dream forever lost

Lost everywhere, but not beyond reclaim:
For love’s a dream with wings, and knows no shame