In The Storm

Running along in the storm,
  essentially flooded inside;
  clouds break away and reform,
  and I have got nowhere to hide.
Memories come in a hail
  of names that I fear to hear said;
  breathlessly seeking a trail,
  dreading whatever’s ahead.
Legs struggle on through the grain,
  flashes of faces and fire;
  fleeing from all of the pain,
  spattering on through the mire.
Running along in the dark,
  seeking a house or a friend;
  unready set on the mark,
  and wishing this bad dream
  would end

* the fiery river *

he works in gray and granite
and numbers without end,
he plans across the planet
as dividends descend.

the world is colorless and flat,
of surfaces and corners —
of businessmen who live and die,
but seem to leave no mourners.

he closes then his midday eyes
to join a world that’s only his…

across a fiery river
he rows a lonely skiff,
and looks to find a landing place
along a tree-lined cliff.

escaped from his indenture,
he searches for a sign:
the point of his adventure,
the looming palatine.

to fight his way across the land,
to live by wit and heart and hand,
to find old rome alight with gold,
in lands too precious to get old,
a world with no complacency,
where he could still a hero be:
and taste the treasure of the vine,
and find, at last, the palatine.

with sudden jerk, and open eyes,
he finds again, to his surprise,
a busy office filled with din,
and narrow walls he lives within.

and for an hour, or a year,
he grinds himself to finest dust,
amid a gray and granite world
of give-and-take and bank-and-trust —

for in the droid, a man remains
who once was more than puts and gains;
as slowly dies such gold as glows,
that fades away
and no one



Picture credit : © Natali Myasnikova |

Downdraft Dreams

Downdraft dreams in fields of fancy,
Gerunding with geomancy,
Paths so pure, so palpable —
Love that lies, and lays at lull.

Sweetly, on the swathes go swinging,
Wandering, and wanton winging,
Grass so green, and trees so tall —
Knowing not, and knowing

The Corner of My Dreams

Come see me down the corner of my dreams:
Past open fields, and hills, and flowing streams —
Out on the sandy shore, beside the sea,
Come share the floating sky, the mystery —

The ecstasy is such all words defy;
The wind is ours: to catch, and rise above —
For we were made for dreams, and then to fly:
To hear the sound, and know the feel

Of love

She Loved You Once

She loved you once, when you were young,
Ere life had weighed you down;
You dream about it all the time,
And lately you have found

You’re restless in your waking mind:
In flashes now you see
The sunsets of a different life
That never came to be.

And though you travel far, you know,
From night to bitter day,
She loved you once, when you were young,
And you threw that