A Father’s Love

Born reaching, Always just beyond; A shore too long, A sky too tall — A warm day, and An aftershave, And hours Just before the fall And here am I, And there am I: The sea-salt wind That blurs my eye — What does it mean The distant ones, Come down in love To help … Continue reading "A Father’s Love"


Is it 1983? ’Cause it is to me. At least — it is right now. I’m twenty one years old And although it’s cold in December, I’m burning like a midday sun, The course only halfway run On the last lap of the way to the finish line Called “college”. All that knowledge I Took … Continue reading "1983"

college girls

he watched things break on the edge of soft sweaters and hair that became flowers that became rain falling on the rooftops of distant houses where princes dreamed of being commoners, and commoners dreamed of killing princes a face that made him want to go to war in the vain hope she would wait for … Continue reading "college girls"

Love Spasm The Third

When my ex left, our youngest wasBut three years old – alas –So I would take him daily toA little pre-k class The girl who worked there was so youngBut seemed to like the wayI’d sit with him – and other kids –Beginning every day So, finally, I asked her outAnd she said that she … Continue reading "Love Spasm The Third"

first funeral

A boy of seven, equal parts confidence and unsureness, walking behind his siblings and his parents, headed towards a cemetery. And the world is alive with green and his brother and sister alive with rancor, but his parents seem to be some other place, some place much grayer, like a hospital room, with their quiet … Continue reading "first funeral"

I Wander Freely

I wander freely in and out of dreams Along a path where long ago we walked; By tires on long ropes, swung over streams, Where crickets chirped and frogs croaked as we talked – And as young lovers do, we also did. I loved the shy excitement of your eyes; Your quick’ning breath, as on … Continue reading "I Wander Freely"

Lost Fields of Yesterday

Time, they say, heals wounds. I haven’t found that to be so — For through lost fields of yesterday My heart will ever go Love, I hear, takes time. Well, time’s the one thing that I lack – Yet to lost fields of yesterday My heart keeps going back I let it all just wander … Continue reading "Lost Fields of Yesterday"