in a winter market (3)

As the night wound down, I realized, that she Was enjoying the safeness, But I, I felt my resolve slipping, So it seemed best to say Good night. I know things could have Gone another way; I know, because She told me later. But it seemed right To let go. I've been told what it … Continue reading "in a winter market (3)"

in a winter market (2)

The conversation turned to Each, our latest breakup; The guy she thought she loved, And then, the gal I thought loved me -- And how she wanted, now, no more Than good coffee and freedom, While I was seeking inspiration, Music, and some peace. It was important right just then To be the unexpected, For … Continue reading "in a winter market (2)"

in a winter market (1)

I wasn't supposed to be there; But then, I never am. We walked along within the lights, The pageantry, the crowd -- And she was warm and beautiful. I didn't understand: But I was just pretending then, Holding my breath -- We talked awhile of music, The instruments we played; She said she had three … Continue reading "in a winter market (1)"

Comics Collecting

When you are young, And you take on a hobby That you know is made fun of, You are acknowledging that Being accepted and approved of by all Is not a primary goal for you, Or, perhaps, that it was never Really even possible On other grounds. When you understand how intense The desire to … Continue reading "Comics Collecting"

The Last

A fall day like the others, With summer lately past; Two voices on the lake again, As fishing lines were cast. Then we recalled the first time. When I was only five, The air full of excitement, Just to be, to be alive —- That was awhile ago, now. Some twenty years have passed: Then … Continue reading "The Last"

my father’s sketchbook

there within my father's sketchbook lays a heart a life and eye that i never quite could follow though the Lord knows how i tried to become him, and to gather what he meant, only to see there within those inks and colors something indefinable and free Actual drawing credit : File ID 64608886 | … Continue reading "my father’s sketchbook"

Waiting Room

I’m sitting in a waiting room And choose to write this verse; The snow is blowing hard outside The wind keeps getting worse — Winter once was magical With castles made of snow; But now the world is blank, and I Can’t see which way to go — The wait is over, and my child … Continue reading "Waiting Room"

Falling, In Love

[Originally posted May, 2018. 30 days of prose, day 10. – Owen] Falling in love is like stepping off of a flying airplane; them loving you back would be the parachute. But that parachute doesn’t always open. Splat. Love in relationships always comes with risk. We can’t know what others are really thinking, and we … Continue reading "Falling, In Love"

Love Spasm The Third

When my ex left, our youngest was But three years old – alas – So I would take him daily to A little pre-k class The girl who worked there was so young But seemed to like the way I’d sit with him – and other kids – Beginning every day So, finally, I asked … Continue reading "Love Spasm The Third"