Adult Daughter Moment

The last time she was here,
She sat across a chair,
Just messaging her husband –

The daughter we so rarely see,
The very image of
Her lovely mother —

For moments such as this, we live:
We store them up, and keep them
As a treasure —

Not knowing, in vicissitude,
The next time that we’ll ever have

… turn your head and look.

You turn your head and look –
  the moment’s gone;
But memories, like pictures,
  linger on –

The glories of the journey,
  bright, and pure:
The stories of a heart
  that’s still unsure –

But still, we put them out there –
  and we should —
Those moments where we turn to look,
  and all
                  is good

Falling rain and heart and sky

Falling rain and heart and sky
Landing softly. You and I
Kissing there amid the spray
Of some long-lost summer’s day

Secret-telling in the dusk,
Perfumed hair, and skin and musk;
Peeling back the edge of shy,
Falling rain and heart and sky