it’s just some light

it’s just some light
reflected on a hill;
but it’s enough
to bend my mind and will
from where it was
to where it’s meant to be:
exactly how is still
a mystery

it’s just some light,
some trees, a set of stairs —
but it’s enough
to take me unawares
upon a journey inward
towards the heart:
it’s just some light,
but Lord knows

it’s a start

Sky Whales

“Amidst the deep’ning blue”…

Last night, we saw a streaming pod of sky whales
They drifted by so placid and at ease;
A thousand tiny stars came out behind them
Amidst the deep’ning blue of heaven’s seas

And all the world was quiet right around us
Except their distant cries, so faint to hear:
And we were left in awe and silent wonder
Out on the ocean of
The atmosphere

2 Friends in Conversation

Just a glimpse:
A later session
Sketching out
A brief impression

  That my eyes
  Just hap’d to see –
  But that somehow
  Changes me

Elegant, both
Long and lovely,
Light and bubbly

  That I chanced
  To overhear –
  Yet I still
  Can hear them clear

In isolation,
Girlfriends rapt
In conversation

  In scenes of leisure;
  Sketching images
  For pleasure