Snapshot: Woman Waiting for the Subway

The world weighs on us heavy, The world will hit us hard; There is no place to hide from grief, No shield, or bodyguard, And I could see it all with her. Perhaps you'll understand: When sympathy, like air, flows out, It's not at our Command

back on campus

he walked the empty campus morning stillness a stranger both to learning and to fate; his pockets full of stone and missing pieces and ideas he hoped once to elevate. this place was strange to him now, in an instant: he'd lost the thread of what it was to feel before his paradigms became just … Continue reading "back on campus"

… a Task to Do

The water dances here below the old abandoned mill; I know I've got a task to do, but I don't think I will. It isn't that I do not care, or that I'm big on shirking: It's just that that there's a presence here that rejects overworking

and that, at least

we stood there by the little brook both frozen in our sudden tracks; we held trite truth within our hands with late wind there upon our backs we felt hurt winter calling home the hard relief we longed to feel; we stood beside the silent ice and that, at least, was real

at least now, though

a few breaths another season this wonder in the eyes showing that magic is still possible

Three Hours – 7 PM

YOU were the ground: so happy, shoveling the sand; so joyful, rolling in the grass -- soft and squishy, bare feet running, the smell of flowers filling your nose, and the earth itself filling your heart -- you were that ground.YOU were the water: lying on your back, arms spread wide, held by the liquid … Continue reading "Three Hours – 7 PM"

Three Hours – 3 PM

WHEN the rain goes by, the smell still hangs heavy, like an entrusted secret; sweet, like cracking voices still singing fresh where the polychrome bends YOU gave me a glimpse of your hidden heart: the clouds still passing, and the rain still falling, yet the grain still waving in your changing eyes MAGICAL, like the … Continue reading "Three Hours – 3 PM"

Three Hours – 8 AM

FEEL it now, feel it, breathe in, breathe out; The world knows your name, but not how to pronounce -- There was a day coming, it's here, it's here; And maybe there's more, now, than doubt and fear YOU gave up your heart, and you gave in to those who said, "all you will be … Continue reading "Three Hours – 8 AM"