a night out

dressed-up night her in dazzling blue me dumbstruck

now and why

now and why we search for great things not finding the package we sought but others wrapped in gray silence

stages of infinity 1

find it all grab hold of it and stake your claim how good it feels when you wake, andthe world’s become yours and yet still you wonder if you deserve this — well, none of us do. and again — each one of us does even you.especially you.enjoy this

the river, working

the quiet flowing is intense in its peacefulness not weakness but consistency of purpose

friends parted with

a day done, and friends parted with -- a night comes. togetherness brings comfort and the ache of goodbyes

outside the apple house

we still want the untasted fruit for our own even when we know consequence may stay a lifetime

the chapel of memories

"she was here --" he does recall now wondering why memories will come this way he is still not sure a chapel built from love, guilt, and excuses

summer child

heavy scent burned in consciousness summer child uniting the world we feel with the fire that's within