harvesting time

within the planet, expectant, our past is present — moments’ seeds turned to years of gold in sunlight but how carelessly we sleep with our own indolence leading to another kind of harvesting

the breathing time

like all around you inhale slow and exhale slower the breathing time internalized and felt through leading past all the things let go or meant to

geometric lunes

what are these edges sharp and flat like all our choices? the last thought before the first time for many

Absentee Scholarship

The things we learn when we’re not thereCan lead us far from anywhere:To hollowness, and lives of pain,And using maybe half a brain But this is how we come to grow:By reaching past the things we knowTo vanity, hubris, and regret,And woes we hadn’t dreamed of yet.


Coming to a store near you.


And yet, we are afraid to give it