This One Idea

Do good things come to those who wait?
Or do they waste their days
And months and years in wishing
For the slightest of displays

That what they hope for might come true?
It’s hard to make a rule —
That one could then encapsulate
To teach at home or school.

But this — this one idea I have
And you helped me to birth it —
I waited all my life for you
And wow
It sure
Was worth it

Inspired by this prompt.


(“This One Idea” – 11-16-2014)


(Pronounced ᵻˈkwuːliəs)

Equuleus, that tiny horse of light,
Within an eye scan of Aquarius,
Is visible tonight from in this room
Amid its larger siblings in the sky.

I stand in wondrous silence at the sight,
And look for something poor, a kindred thing
To reconcile with how is that I,
So slight, have come to know how small I am.

The infinitely frigid stretch of space,
And time itself, which we don’t understand,
All congregating here, and through these panes
All our technology seems so much noise.

We pride ourselves, and preen ourselves to shine,
The dimmest flash in all these many lights —
We dine on hubris, feast on vanity,
And strut through mud and slime like royalty.

My friend, the tiny horse, you know my heart:
The small among the great, who’s always there,
And goes without the notice that attends
With having brilliance to the viewing eye —

Let me be one who knows what I don’t know,
May I bring kindness to this life, this ride –
And add my color to the chandelier
Of songs and lights and imperfections lived.

Conversation with a Train

How many friends have you lost?
Oh, there’s many. More than you would know.
But, yet – I’ll bet you’ve seen a lot —
Oh, sure. But I’ve still far to go.

I’ve wandered many places, through
All seasons, through all climes —
And now I’m here – back home again,
Where I’ve been many times.

What keeps you moving, then?
Is it the next great view?

Oh, no. I’m simply out here,
Doing what it is I do.

You do not make it sound that great.
The way you make a living —

I know. The world’s a taking, and
A train is here for giving.

Forgiving? I need more of that.
I’m sure, my friend, you do.
Because the native fauna here
Depends a lot on you,

You need to do what all you can,
To carry where you’re able:
For life is long and lonely, and
No situation’s stable

For quite as long as we might think.
I think I understand.
You know the route you’re going, but things
May not go as planned —

I find today, I look around,
And many, loved, are lost —
I hurt who I don’t mean to hurt,
And some folks I exhaust —

The moving on’s the thing, I think.
It does not do to dwell
With our mistakes – missed chances – that
Becomes a prison cell.

But you are not imprisoned, you
Just need to find your track.
And will that lead me home?
I do not know. But don’t look back.

For much that was is lost for good,
And why, there is no knowing:
But life’s a journey, after all,
And so,
Go on —

Get going


The moments may come fast or slow,
The day may panicked be, or zen:
Though we have near or far to go,
We cannot live the past again

There is a silence in the wood,
There is a stillness in the glen,
Though life go bad and hearts come good,
We cannot live the past again

We all would see the world be changed
As girls to women — boys to men —
Then find our heart from hope estranged,
We cannot live the past again

The tracks run far to unknown land,
The chance that comes we cannot ken —
Through all the lives of distance spanned
We cannot live the past again

The unused treadmill at the gym,
The ink gone dry within the pen,
The sun gone down, the eye gone dim,
We cannot live the past again

The grass beyond the railroad track,
The “one day” that demarks the “then” —
The way is forward, never back:
We cannot live the past again


(“Kyrielle” – 5-25-2017)

You Were Happy Then

You hadn’t come as far as you have now,
Or seen the many things that you have seen;
You hadn’t found out who you really are,
A thing you found out in the years between

But you might trade all that, and maybe more;
All those amazing places you have been –
For yes, much ignorance has been erased,
But heaven knows it:
You were happy