To Walk Together —

He’d never been the high-achievement kind.
He heard about it from his ex a lot —
But yet, he is not lazy, just the type
Who’s happy taking care of what he’s got;
Instead of restlessly acquiring more.

She’d wanted more than just to share a bed.
Relationships of hers had all devolved
To homely power struggles in the end —
With men who knew no ease from problems solved;
Men she left off as tendentious and sore.

But then, they met, and it was love at once.
Her love to him engendered his content:
He loved her as a wildflower grows
To watch and cherish for its sight and scent,
Without attempting to improve its store

To walk together:
Life and love, explore –
To walk together —
All they’d each
Longed for

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6 Thoughts to “To Walk Together —

  1. Love can’t be hidden can it? Neither can blase indifference. And real appreciation for each other is so evident in the photo of the pair you chose. I love it and your poem. I t is tragic when the world frowns on such love ( i know) and a blessing when it is accepted.

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