In the Rain

I remember a day as a child when we were driving in the rain; even at nine years old I wanted to remember the feeling of how big, and complicated, and beautiful, and dangerous the world was, this world of thunderstorms and rainbows. Safety is a child’s first desire, and, all too often, they never … Continue reading "In the Rain"

Schematics 3

Beauty is always about balance and harmony: of similarity and difference, of symmetry and uniqueness. We instinctively respond to beauty, almost from birth, for in it is a type of key — to happiness, to morality, and to everything that lies beyond.

Traveling Thoughts – 2

Love travels; it goes where you go, for as long as you are still going, laying down beside you every night when at last you sleep. People, on the other hand, have conflicts, commitments, and limitations, but that should never be interpreted to mean that they do not love; love is the one limitless thing … Continue reading "Traveling Thoughts – 2"

Traveling Thoughts – 1

We delineate the phases of our lives by various rites of passage; however, the baby, the child, the adolescent — they are all still in there. We do not so much change our voice as become a choir of voices, and it is only by the cleverness of our arrangements that we miss how often … Continue reading "Traveling Thoughts – 1"
Human lives are imperfect: in fact, they are markedly so. Yet, whatever perfection there is in each, or any, of our lives, it is characterized by our adding to the world’s often meager store of truth, or goodness, or beauty; or, perhaps, just not ruining true, good or beautiful things when we happen to find … Continue reading ""


I’ve read that anxiety is what lingers after the actual stressful situations or circumstances have gone; however, given what modern life is, I’m having a hard time imagining when that would be. Life is unpredictably expensive, for example, and that stress hangs over us throughout all our days.