In the Rain

I remember a day as a child when we were driving in the rain; even at nine years old I wanted to remember the feeling of how big, and complicated, and beautiful, and dangerous the world was, this world of thunderstorms and rainbows. Safety is a child’s first desire, and, all too often, they never find it, but I felt it that day, and I remember it still.

Traveling Thoughts – 2

Love travels; it goes where you go, for as long as you are still going, laying down beside you every night when at last you sleep.

People, on the other hand, have conflicts, commitments, and limitations, but that should never be interpreted to mean that they do not love; love is the one limitless thing there is, and its perceived limits are merely those of our imagination.

Traveling Thoughts – 1

We delineate the phases of our lives by various rites of passage; however, the baby, the child, the adolescent — they are all still in there. We do not so much change our voice as become a choir of voices, and it is only by the cleverness of our arrangements that we miss how often it is really a younger version of us whose voice we are actually hearing.

Fundamental Duality

For him, the fundamental duality of life was between people for whom life is stressful – who want calm – and people for whom life is boring – who want excitement.

The first group could be annoying in their constant obsession for peace and quiet; the second group’s most annoying characteristic was their tendency to kill other people.

“People think it’s easy…”

People think it’s easy being a narcissist, but, there’s a lot more time involved than you’d think — I mean, every day, there are people’s dreams to belittle, and their pains and griefs to dismiss — meanwhile, keeping up a constant flow about just how unfair life is to me. Some of you couldn’t last five minutes having to be a real narcissist; under the pressure, you’d break down and start caring about other people in no time.