The Park and Summer Rain

The end of the affair.

The park and the summer rain ended their brief affair after a few hours this afternoon. It was an amicable parting, although the rain complained that the park was just using him to make herself look good, and the park complained about the rain leaving his stuff all over her place.

Painting Credit : © Lenny712 | – Oil painting landscape

One Father’s Perspective On Having A Child

I had a friend who told me that he never wanted to have a child, because then he wouldn’t get to be the child. I understand that choice, but for me the situation was very different: I had been given so much, I wanted a family I could give to, only to find they gave me far more than I could ever give them.

Traveling Thoughts – 2

Love travels; it goes where you go, for as long as you are still going, laying down beside you every night when at last you sleep.

People, on the other hand, have conflicts, commitments, and limitations, but that should never be interpreted to mean that they do not love; love is the one limitless thing there is, and its perceived limits are merely those of our imagination.

Traveling Thoughts – 1

We delineate the phases of our lives by various rites of passage; however, the baby, the child, the adolescent — they are all still in there. We do not so much change our voice as become a choir of voices, and it is only by the cleverness of our arrangements that we miss how often it is really a younger version of us whose voice we are actually hearing.

A Pilot’s Perspective

When viewed from a great distance, it can be easy to miss life, itself; this, however, is a mistake, as it’s only life that gives the view whatever order or meaning you find there.

What I’ve learned from years of flying is that new perspectives reveal new beauties, and that a little distance can make sense out of things that puzzle us close up.

Common Stories – 2

He had defined himself by what he did for years, so when he retired, he had all the time in the world, but felt like he had no self to spend it with.

The last self he remembered was the college version of himself, but trying that version on again just made him look ridiculous.