A Shallows Memory

She was young And so was I We drifted Out past the shallows And the waves made it easier

The Wake

At evening, Boats came slowly Crawling home And very few eyes Know the wake of their loneliness
Some hearts sing If they might hear The music; Others sing and dance From a music that’s all their own


Wandering,   full of trouble —   pensively,   searching for answers:   trusting in the journey itself

pommel horse

pommel horse, never mastered, left to rot, there where dreams faltered – maybe to awake, where you are —


“There’s no chance,” She often thought, But love came Unexpectedly — Lightly on her heart, like reindeer


So, cafe — I believe that You have seen Happier days, but… You still look better than I feel

Short Conversation

So tell me: How old were you When you first Fell in love for real?   Oh, ten… minutes after we met

Confessions of a Hater

I just hate Ants, jellyfish, Styrofoam, And mean barking dogs So I must be an evil guy